CHOCOLATE MUSE – Zelda Benjamin
A Love by Chocolate Romance
Avalon Books
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7667-7
October 2011
Contemporary Romance

New York City, New York – Present Day

Pastry chef Maddie Higgins can't believe the bad luck she's had in the past six months since a bad review by a food critic she nearly poisoned led to her being fired. She's taken on temporary jobs in the meantime, and one leads to her teaching a cooking class. Her bad luck turns into a nightmare when two of her littlest students turn out to be the twin daughters of the food critic. Will he force her to relive her dark days once more? Maddie will just have to hope he never finds out her true identity.

Brad Angelo is trying to juggle two jobs as a writer and a single dad to his twins. When he meets Maddie, he doesn't recognize either her face or her name, but he is interested in her. She denies knowing much about cooking, but it's soon apparent she's a gourmet cook with her specialty in chocolate. Yet, even as they grow closer, the more she pushes him away. Should he dig deeper into Maddie's background and perhaps find the truth about her?

Love and chocolate is the name of the game in CHOCOLATE MUSE. Maddie has come a long way in the past six months since her disgrace, yet she still can't tell Brad the truth about who she really is. She starts out hating him, but it soon turns to an attraction. She's aware that once she reveals their connection and his role in her downfall, Brad will surely hate her, the woman who once tried to (accidentally) poison him. Brad is just trying to keep his head above water while getting to know Maddie, who is sweet, kind and adores his kids—as they do her.

Around Maddie and Brad are friends and family, many who know the link between the two and don't spill the beans. In CHOCOLATE MUSE, part of the fun in this tale is figuring out exactly when and how Brad will learn the truth. There is also the decadent chocolate that will tempt your taste buds and have you reaching for a chocolate delight. The romance is sweet and tender, and if you're looking for one that is a quick read, then I highly recommend CHOCOLATE MUSE.

A romantic tale of love dipped in chocolate, be sure to pick up CHOCOLATE MUSE.

Patti Fischer