FALLEN ANGEL – Logan Belle
Blue Angel Series , Book 2
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-6161-8
October 2011
Erotic Romance

New York City, New York – Present Day

Mallory Dale originally started out to be a lawyer, but a year ago her boyfriend, Alec, took her to her first burlesque show.  Since then, she quit studying for the bar, got a job as a paralegal, and works part time as “Moxie”, a dancer at The Blue Angel, one of Manhattan 's best burlesque houses.  Every night that she gets on stage and starts taking her clothes off is better than the next.  Mallory is kind of betwixt and between, as she needs her day job working at the law firm, but dancing is her passion.  Along with her dancing, Mallory and Alec have entered into a lifestyle of threesomes and occasional girl/girl action.  Their relationship is turning into a question mark; do they want someone else with them; is Alec bored with her, and is living a divided life what she wants?

Violet Offender is also a dancer at The Blue Angel; Violet is a dominatrix, but like Mallory, she needs The Blue Angel dancing to help make ends meet.  Violet has a crush on Mallory, and while getting together with her and Alec is all right, she really wants just Mallory.  Poppy is another dancer at the club and lives with Patricia, who mostly supports them.  But Patricia is getting pretty dull, and Violet brings out longings she doesn't know how to deal with.  Billy Barton is a client of Violet's, and their relationship and its ramifications become important to everyone.

Alec and Mallory have been together for years, and since becoming a part-time DJ at The Blue Angel along with his regular job as a journalist, he is unsure of their future.  Do they want an open relationship, a monogamous relationship, or should they break off ties altogether?  There is a circle of people from the burlesque house who have sex, want to have sex, or have had sex with each other.  Mallory is confused over whether she should embrace her daytime persona, keep her nighttime persona, or give it all up for her alter ego “Moxie”.  Alec finds himself confused about their sex lives over the past few months and what it means.

In FALLEN ANGEL, Logan Belle certainly hits every type of sexual relationship to be found.  The action is fast-paced, and things move quickly between all the characters.  There is a small group in New York that is involved with each other, and sex between them is plentiful and diverse.  The story is told from various characters' points of view, and each of them is definitely an important part of the total story.  Each person is clearly painted and has strengths and weaknesses and fits into the puzzle of everyone's symbiotic ties.

Secondary characters may be secondary, but are nevertheless part of the quilt of the story.  Agnes owns The Blue Angel and also sews Mallory's costumes, something Mallory likes to explore in her dances.  Billy Barton becomes the ploy of Violet's scheme, and blackmail may be behind his actions.  Poppy and Cookie-n-Cream are two other burlesque dancers caught between Mallory and Violet.  Bette Noir is a former dancer at The Blue Angel who has hit it big with a rock star boyfriend and a new lifestyle that all the dancers would like to have.  Justin Baxter and Martha Pike are an odd couple; Martha is rich because of her invention of the Pike Kegel Ball that tightens the vagina, and Justin is an ex-playboy who is younger than Martha, and yet their parties are notorious where anything goes sexually.  And let me not forget Gavin Stone, Mallory's boss, who almost has her turning her back on her secret life.

FALLEN ANGEL is the second book in the Blue Angel series, the first, BLUE ANGEL (May 2011), sets up the story of Mallory going to the burlesque club and starting her secret life.  The final book in the series, NAKED ANGEL, is due in March 2012 and follows Mallory and Alec as they open their own burlesque club.  FALLEN ANGEL has almost every type of sex there is, and it's not only the burlesque dancing that's raunchy, it's the behavior of all the characters.  If that sounds interesting, you'd certainly get your money's worth.

Cece Johns