HUCKLEBERRY HARVEST –Jennifer Beckstrand
The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill , Book 5
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3651-7
June 2015
Inspirational Romance (Amish)

Present DayHuckleberry Hill near Bonduel, Wisconsin

They're at it again! Anna and Felty Helmuth go into matchmaker mode when one of their many grandchildren comes to Huckleberry Hill for a visit. At least Anna does. Her loving husband of sixty plus years goes along with anything his Annie Banannie wants; he even seems to enjoy her frequent—and mostly less than successful—attempts at new, exotic recipes. Mostly Felty stays in the background, though he has been known to pass on words of wisdom when needed.

Mandy Helmuth didn't just come from Ohio to visit her Mammi and Dawdy ; she's come to cheer up her oldest and best friend. Kristina Beachy wrote that a boy led her on then broke her heart. One of Mandy's first acts after she arrives is to have Kristina show her the way to this boy's house. Once there, and she's face to face with Noah Mischler, she proceeds to give him a vehement lecture. Noah is stunned. This crazy girl with red hair to match her temper, won't even give him a chance to tell his side of the story!

Anna wastes no time in inviting a string of boys to the house for Mandy to choose from. Mandy would do nothing to hurt her Mammi, so she goes along with her plans. Meanwhile, Noah seems always to be around working for her Dawdy. She can't help noticing his fine muscles, and he likes her cute freckles, but they hang onto their grudges. Circumstances always seem to help Annie's matchmaking, though not always the way she foresees.

Mandy is a generous, loving and loyal girl. Noah is an honorable and hardworking young man with big problems in his home life. They will go through several ordeals in this complex, emotional, yet fun novel in which the characters are well done and the plot suspenseful.

Jane Bowers