St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1250-07808-7
March 2016
Contemporary Anthology

Texas – Present Day

The Billionaire Cowboy

Sexy billionaire cowboy Ryder Blackwell could have any woman he wants in Texas, but the only one he's interested in is veterinarian Lara Montgomery. She wants a prized thoroughbred mare he recently won at an auction and is angry with him because she feels he deliberately bid on it. Lara demands that he sell the horse to her, but he refuses…unless she can spend the weekend at his ranch proving she can work as hard as any man. She takes him up on the offer, knowing that he wants her in his bed. Will Lara resist the legendary charms of Ryder Blackwell? Of course not…

In The Billionaire Cowboy , Lara and Ryder have been at loggerheads for months as she has resisted his charms. She wants the pedigreed thoroughbred mare in order to embark on a breeding business to make a name in that world. Ryder stands in her way, and stubborn Lara will do just about anything to beat him. The chemistry between them sizzles, and hopefully someone won't get burned when they finally give into the hot desire.

An introduction to the Blackwell family that features three hot brothers, The Billionaire Cowboy is a great start at hooking readers in.

The Billion Dollar Player

Jason “Jase” Blackwell is the star tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, but he's facing a younger competitor breathing down his back, especially after an injury threatens to sideline him for the playoffs. At a team party one night, he spots waitress Avery Lockhart and is immediately hooked. While most women would kill to go on a date with Jase, Avery turns him down flat. So Jase sets up numerous parties and requests Avery be present. One night he rescues her when her car won't start, and one thing leads to another. She knows he wants to bed her, but will it turn out to be a mistake, or something she'll remember for the rest of her life? She decides on the latter, and the two have a torrid affair. But soon both want more.

Jase has managed to remain single despite the lure of hot luscious women who would love to be more than a one night stand, but that changes when Avery walks into his life. In The Billion Dollar Player, Jase has to work hard at the pass and catch game when it comes to Avery. She thinks he's just a spoiled rich kid who got lucky in football with the help of his brother Ryder's money. He just wants her to see him as a guy who's attracted to her and wants to treat her like a million dollars.

Jase is in the thick of the football season and can't afford distractions, but he desperately wants Avery. Will he end up going all the way to the altar with her? Find out in The Billion Dollar Player.

Rocked by the Billionaire
Kayleigh Taylor was the one that rock star Luke Blackwell left behind. Now he's in town for a bit of a hiatus and he can't help but look her up to see how she's doing. Their reunion is filled with both anger and rekindled desire. She's angry at him for walking out on her and leaving town to seek his musical success, but the passion between them has not died. Kayleigh hasn't forgiven him for dumping her, but can he do anything to soothe her pain? She's now a kindergarten teacher and is firmly entrenched in the small town they both grew up in, while he's a star who has to continue to make music and tour the world. Is there any way they can bridge the gap that exists between their disparate worlds?

Reunited…and it feels so good in the sexy, hot Rocked by the Billionaire . Luke thought he was doing the right thing for Kayleigh by leaving her when they were young, but he didn't expect her to still be this angry after all these years. One look at her and he's hooked again. But have they drifted so far apart that any chance of a reconciliation would be impossible? Add in his touring schedule and her dedication to her job, and Luke and Kayleigh have a rough road ahead.

The sparks fly in Rocked by the Billionaire, and readers will be rooting for Luke and Kayleigh to reconcile.

The Billionaire Sheriff

Noah Christensen comes from a wealthy family but has chosen to work in the law enforcement field. He's currently the sheriff of Sanger, and for the past six months he's haunted the restaurant Naomi Davis owns. And food is not the reason he's there most days. Instead, he's attracted to Naomi, but he hasn't made any attempt to ask her out. But the night Noah finally decides to ask her out is the night that someone attacks her. He rescues her, and one thing leads to another, and the two are finally discovering a sizzling hot desire between them. Things really heat up, but when she needs money badly, will she turn out to be a gold-digger looking for a handout?

Noah turned his back on his wealth (more or less) and in The Billionaire Sheriff it comes in handy after Naomi ends up in trouble. He's been tongue-tied and hopelessly smitten with Naomi all these months, but after he rescues her from trouble, she's ready to reward him. The sex is hot, and a mutual attraction is explored. But things come crashing to a halt when her past comes roaring back to put her life in danger. Will Noah be able to protect her from being hurt…or killed?

A fine, upstanding man, Noah is the kind of law enforcement officer women would want protecting them. He only has eyes for Naomi, and in The Billionaire Sheriff they finally hook up.

The first three tales in the TALL, DARK, BILLIONAIRE TEXAN are connected by the Blackwell brothers, while The Billionaire Sheriff is basically a standalone. There is plenty of scorching hot sex that will require an icy cold drink nearby for readers. A good, solid anthology that is perfect for the beach, grab this one for your next reading adventure.

Patti Fischer