ONE NIGHT MORE – Mandy Baxter
A U.S. Marshals Novel , Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3479-7
September 2014
Contemporary Romance

Portland, Oregon – Present Day

A year ago, Galen Kelly and Harper Allen met one night in a nightclub when he kept her from sipping a drugged drink and he caught the guy. Things really heated up between Harper and Galen when she thanked him and it led to a one night stand. But the next morning when she woke up, he was gone. They didn't exchange names, preferring to have an anonymous night together, but even she is peeved that he decided to walk out without telling her goodbye. Fast forward to present day and Harper is now a newspaper reporter. She's hot on a story involving a popular congressman, and when she gets the opportunity to talk to him in a parking garage—alone—she ends up being a witness to the man's murder. The police put her into a type of witness detainment program, and one of the men assigned to her case is none other than the man who vacated her bed a year ago…

Galen is shocked to come face to face with the woman he never really forgot. He didn't say goodbye to her that morning because he thought she'd duped him by telling him she was single when she had a boyfriend. Or so he thought. Galen tries to keep things strictly business, but there's still this hum of attraction between them. Meanwhile, he now has to focus on keeping Harper alive after she is sent threatening messages and is shot at. Somebody is after something, and Harper is hiding something. Does she hold the key to the congressman's murder? But it can't be all business between them when the flames of desire lead to passion. Will their attraction to each other lead them to not pay attention to the danger that lurks?

A sizzling, action-packed tale, ONE NIGHT MORE features a couple who had an instant attraction to each other, but through a misunderstanding, it did not last beyond that one night. When Harper's life becomes endangered after witnessing the murder, she is questioned relentlessly by the investigators, and she begins to feel like a suspect. But while Galen is the last person she expects to walk into the interrogation room, he soon becomes her protector. He even makes himself the primary guard, though if his superiors knew of their past relationship they'd toss him off the job. Galen and Harper try to walk the fine line in keeping their hands off each other, but soon can't deny the red-hot desire. The love scenes between them sizzle, and readers will be reaching for an ice cold drink. But they may need to grip a blanket to hang onto as the danger soon heats up. Will the mystery of who killed the congressman be solved…and why the man was targeted?

ONE NIGHT MORE will have readers guessing as to what Harper stumbled onto and hoping that she and Galen will have one more night together…and more. The chemistry between them rocks off the charts, and the scenes flow nicely. Having never read Mandy Baxter before, I look forward to more stories from her. ONE NIGHT MORE is a tale that will satisfy readers of romance and action-packed suspense, and is one I highly recommend!

Patti Fischer