A Last True Vampire Novel,  
Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-250-05378-7
St. Martin's Paperbacks
January 2016
Paranormal Romance

California Present Day

Naya is a bruja a witch and it is her job to search out and trap magic that has infected humans and turned them into demons. Her job is important, and for the good of all, but she can't help but feel trapped by her life. Then one night while out hunting, she comes across a vampire, and he somehow knows her name. Sure, Naya wanted to change things up a little, maybe add some excitement to her life but this isn't exactly what she meant.

Ronan knows the moment he wakes up after passing out in her arms that Naya is his mate. The moment he met her, he regained his soul, and now they're tethered for life. This would normally be great news, but it's come at a pretty bad time Ronan's sister is missing. He has a two-week gap in his memory, and he promised himself to someone else in exchange for information. But if anyone can figure out a way out of this mess, it's the vampire king's right-hand man and the strongest witch he's ever met.

THE WARRIOR VAMPIRE is exactly what paranormal romance fans have been waiting for fun and excitement, with a strong female lead and a man who loves how tough she is and gladly fights beside her. The give-and-take between these two after they first meet is both a joy to read, and sweet frustration because you can't wait for them to get together and be happy.

Author Kate Baxter throws punch after punch at the couple, making this book hard to put down. There's more than enough mystery to keep readers entertained, and the romance is off the charts. If you need a good paranormal romance to add to your list, look no further than THE WARRIOR VAMPIRE!

THE WARRIOR VAMPIRE follows the events of the first book, THE LAST TRUE VAMPIRE (June 2015), but could easily be read as a stand-alone. The next book, THE DARK VAMPIRE, releases May 2016!

Amanda Toth