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ISBN-13: 978-1-4516-6209-2
September 2012
Amish Romance

St. Louis, Missouri and Arthur, Illinois Present Day
When Leah McKenzie's friend and boss, Carl Trevathan is murdered right in front of her eyes, her world is suddenly turned inside out.  Questioned and released by the police, she turns to the other partners in the law firm, Keith Blanton and James Dunn, and hands over the file she took from Carl's computer before the shooting.  Depending upon her other bosses to defend her, what happens next is Leah's worst nightmare.  Keith and James set her up to take the blame for Carl's murder.  Leah has no choice but to run.  With all of the St. Louis PD looking for her in her bright red mustang convertible, her choices are limited.  But there is one place where she is sure no one, not even her father, will think to look for her. 

Amish carpenter John Miller is driving in his buggy on the dark road outside the township of Arthur, Illinois when a car nearly runs him down, crashing into a nearby ditch when the driver swerved to avoid hitting him.  He pulls the unconscious woman out of her car and takes her home to his family's farm.
When Leah wakes she is in a strange room.  As her memory returns she meets the Miller family and their son, John, who rescued her.  She's thankful she has somewhere to hide, and especially relieved that this Amish household contains no television, radio, or newspapers.  Leah is sure she can hide here until she can figure out how to handle the situation she's in.  Her Amish grandmother, Miriam Lapp, lives nearby.  But Miriam is not happy to see her daughter's child.  The willful girl left her family years ago in shame when she ran off to marry an Englisher.  Regardless of her grandmother's indifference, Leah needs a place to hide, and the Miller farm is her only option. 

John Miller has lived a life that most Amish men never dream of.  Before committing to the church, John enlisted in the Army, went to war, and returned.  The Amish do not believe in violence, and are adamantly opposed to enlisting, but John felt a commitment to his country so he followed his own conscience.  He saw things that still bring nightmares, but he also understands the Englishe world. 

As the search for Leah continues, it seems to everyone that she has dropped off the face of the earth.  Her father, Jason, knows she didn't kill Carl, but he has to find her before he can help her.  Meanwhile, law partners Keith Blanton and James Dunn have hired a private detective.  And while Leah fears discovery, she forgets the one thing that might save her, the small zip drive with Carl's downloaded files.

HER AMISH MAN is a fine debut for new author Erin Bates.  Full of well rounded characters, mystery and romance, this is a fun and entertaining read.  Don't miss it!

Diana Risso