A Dark Magick Novel, Book 4
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-04-2524-503-3
February 2012
Paranormal Romance

Piefferburg - Present Day

The pieces to the fae's freedom have been stolen. Niall Quinn is a mage, an Unseelie fae, and the finest thief out there. He has been sent to get the pieces back at all costs; unfortunately, his mission comes with facing his match, Elizabeth Cely Saintjohn.

Elizabeth wants to save her mother. When the Summer Queen approaches her about hiding the pieces to keep the walls from falling, she accepts. Little does she know who and what will be coming after her.

Niall and Elizabeth are both prepared for their missions, but they are not prepared for the intense pull that develops between them. Can Niall get the pieces back and keep Elizabeth by his side, or will all hope be lost?

A fascinating novel about the fae and the mystical world, MIDNIGHT ENCHANTMENT is well worth the read. Niall is a strong character with plenty of crevices (physically and emotionally, ladies!) for readers to explore. Elizabeth is a bit more shallow, but she is a good match for Niall and a great addition to the series.

This is potentially the last book in the series, and it came in at only 270 pages. Readers expect something of a climatic end when a series concludes, and they definitely expect it from a series as thrilling as this one. However, the ending seems rushed in order for Ms. Bast to move onto other projects.

Overall, for fans of paranormal romance and the fae, this conclusion is worth while. Though it concludes a series, MIDNIGHT ENCHANTMENT can also be read as a stand alone. The book builds on the world but also includes its own characters and story. Check out the next project from Anya Bast,  The Brotherhood of the Damned  series coming May 1, 2012 .