Pregnancy & Passion , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2119
ISBN: 978-0-373-73132-9
November 2011
Contemporary Series Romance

Houston, Texas and New York City Present Day

The day that wealthy financier Ryan Beardsley discovered that his fiancée Kelly Christian was cheating on him with his brother, he threw her out. Yet, as much as he hates her, Ryan is curious over what happened to her, so he hires a detective. She is finally located in Houston , and he's in for the shock of his life when he confronts her and discovers that she's hugely pregnant. Is the child his or his brother's? Either way, Ryan will return Kelly to New York City and then decide what to do.

Kelly still feels the sting of betrayal when Ryan kicked her out of his life that day, falsely accusing her of sleeping with his brother. How could he believe his brother over her? She will do anything to protect her baby, but fate has a way of changing her plans, and now Ryan holds the advantage. Can she be around a man who thinks she is a cheater? Or can she convince him of the truth and they can get back to their formerly idyllic life together and plan a future?

Wow, there is a lot of angst in WANTED BY HER LOST LOVE. There is Kelly, reeling from the rejection by Ryan. Then there is Ryan, the head of his family, yet not wanting to let go of a woman he thinks betrayed him. While he is a bit of a jerk for believing his brother over Kelly, it's understandable considering family is family and he didn't think his brother would stoop that low. Ryan's mother hates Kelly with a passion and would not stop at anything to get her out of their lives. Kelly felt hated by Ryan and his family and planned to never let him know he's a daddy, but then he finds out when he tracks her down. Forced to choose between the health of her and her baby over kicking Ryan out of her life, she has no choice. The baby comes first. Ryan turns protective, yet keeps himself at a distance emotionally from Kelly. He can't quite trust her. Can Kelly make him see the truth?

Kelly and Ryan barely knew each other when they quickly fell in love and he asked her to marry him, so it's bound to have left him confused as to whether he could trust her or not. In WANTED BY HER LOST LOVE, Ryan and Kelly begin to really get to know each other. Slowly and surely, the love returns, but with his mother's hatred hanging over Kelly, can they make it work out? Drama and emotions run high between them, even as the love scenes sizzle with renewed passion. Part of the Pregnancy & Passion series by Maya Banks, WANTED BY HER LOST LOVE can be read alone, but why also miss out on the first book, ENTICED BY HIS FORGOTTEN LOVER?

A tale of second chances filled with scorching sensuality and emotional scenes, be sure to pick up WANTED BY HER LOST LOVE and not miss this hard to put down read.

Patti Fischer