Pregnancy & Passion, Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2143
ISBN: 978-0-373-73156-5
March 2012
Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Devon Carter will do anything to land a business deal, and apparently even marrying a woman he doesn't love because her father offers her in exchange for merging their companies. It helps that Ashley Copeland is beautiful and will be the perfect trophy wife next to his side. But why does Devon feel like the marriage will be an albatross around his neck? Ashley accepts Devon's proposal and soon marries him, unaware of the deal brokered by her father. But on their wedding night, Ashley accidentally finds an email from her father to Devon confirming the business deal and that she was the pawn.

Devastated, Ashley withdraws from Devon, their marriage seemingly destroyed. While Devon is sorry she learned this way, he's not sorry the truth is now out. But he still thinks Ashley will be an asset to his career (and keeping daddy happy), so will do anything to win her back. Ashley rejects his advances, trying to assess her options. Finally, she decides to become the “perfect wife” for her husband and make the most of a bad situation. Yet, the more Ashley changes to accommodate her spouse, the more Devon realizes how much he loved the old Ashley. Has he destroyed any chance at winning her love with his betrayal?

As TEMPTED BY HER INNOCENT KISS opens, Devon doesn't fit the “hero” mold because all he thinks about is landing the next best deal. Marrying Ashley wasn't exactly part of the plan, but when her father makes it a condition of the merger, he can't say no. Yet once the truth is revealed, he is unsure how to make it up to her. Her changes are subtle, but once Devon realizes Ashley is now a shell of the woman he was drawn to and (gasp!) fell in love with, he will move heaven and earth to win her back.

Ashley may have been a little clueless when Devon proposed marriage and didn't act like a man madly in love; instead she chooses to ignore the warning signs. To suddenly realize that the courtship was a sham and that she was a pawn in a business deal has her world crumbling around her. Ashley could run home to her parents, but she decides to stand her ground. She'll save their marriage by becoming the wife Devon expects her to be.

In TEMPTED BY HER INNOCENT KISS by Maya Banks, we are treated to a Devon, who didn't believe in love, but when he realizes the pain he causes Ashley, now works hard to repair their marriage. Even while their marriage is crumbling around them, their sex life continues to sizzle. Neither can deny the passion between them…or the fact that a baby may be on the way. Part of the Pregnancy & Passion series, I highly recommend you read the other two books before TEMPTED BY HER INNOCENT KISS to get a sense of what the men of this series are about. One by one, they fall to their knees for a woman who shows them the true meaning of love and devotion. Devon soon changes his mind about love in TEMPTED BY HER INNOCENT KISS and makes for a sizzling read.

Patti Fischer