TAKING IT ALL - Maya Banks
Surrender Trilogy , Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-425-27298-5
August 2014
Contemporary Romance

Houston, Texas - Present Day

Chessy Morgan is looking forward to the anniversary dinner she's about to share with her husband Tate, even though she plans to talk with him sometime during the weekend about how his dedication to his career is affecting their marriage.  But after waiting at their table for an hour, Chessy decides to leave only to see Tate in the restaurant's bar...with another woman.

Tate figured that meeting a potential client at the restaurant where he was to meet his wife would make things more convenient, but then time gets away from him, and he only realizes this when he sees Chessy leaving. He's shocked to see her cry, but even more stunning is hearing her say she's done.  How could he have missed just how unhappy his wife is?  As Tate looks back over the past couple of years, he begins to see how much he's put his work ahead of his wife, and he vows to turn things around. 

Through the first two books in the Surrender trilogy, Chessy did her best to put on a happy face while dealing with her husband's increasing absences, but now in TAKING IT ALL, she's reached her breaking point.  She decided to confront Tate after their dinner with how unhappy she is, but things don't work out as she planned.  He promises that his priorities will change, but can Chessy trust him again?

Shortly after opening a business as a financial advisor, Tate's partner left, and he has been trying to handle everything on his own.  His drive to succeed coupled with his desire to give Chessy everything she could possibly want has blinded him to the fact that what she wants most is him.  He's determined to make it up to her, but they have a difficult road ahead of them in the heart-wrenching TAKING IT ALL.

Jennifer Bishop