LETTING GO - Maya Banks
Surrender Trilogy, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-425-27294-7
February 2014
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Houston, Texas - Present Day

Three years after her husband's death, Joss Breckenridge has decided that it's time to get on with her life. She knows she'll never find another love like what she shared with Carson, but she's done with grieving as well as a little bit lonely. She's also curious; she craves submitting to a man who'll take control, but because of the abuse he suffered as a child, Carson would never explore Domination with her. Joss has done her research and decides to visit The House, a local D/s club, to find out whether or not this is not only what she is missing in her life, but what she needs to put her past behind her and move on. So instead of spending the anniversary of her husband's death visiting his gravesite and then crying on the shoulder of his best friend, Dash, Joss heads to The House.

Dash Corbin has tried to be the friend Joss has needed for the past three years, but it hasn't been easy on him. He's always hidden the fact that he's in love with her, but when he picks her up to visit Carson's grave, he can see the changes in her. Is it finally time to make his move? Not sure what he should do, Dash visits The House, where he finds the last thing he'd ever expected: Joss. When she explains what she's doing there and why, Dash knows that this is his chance and there's no way he'll ever let another man dominate Joss or love her.

Joss believed she'd already found and lost her soulmate, but in LETTING GO, she may just find perfection again. Dash has been her rock since her husband's death, there for her whenever she needs him, and helping her through her loss. She figured her decision to move on also meant a change to their friendship, but when she realizes that with Dash she can have a Dominant that she already trusts completely, and once she gets over the shock of learning that he's been in love with her for years, Joss has to admit that she's attracted to him. For the first time since he met Joss, Dash finally has hope that he can have everything he's ever wanted. He was willing to be whatever Joss needed to make her happy, but learning that she wants to submit to a man to him is almost too good to be true.

As the beginning of the Surrender Trilogy, LETTING GO introduces readers to not only Joss and Dash, but their friends, Chessy and Tate, a couple who've been married for five years and have a D/s relationship, as well as Kylie Breckenridge, Joss's sister-in-law. The second book, GIVING IN to be released in May, will feature Kylie, who also suffered horrific abuse as a child, and has no trust or liking for most dominant men.

A sizzlingly erotic yet tenderly romantic tale, LETTING GO will captivate readers and have them eager for more.

Jennifer Bishop