Colters' Legacy Series
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25862-0
June 2012
Contemporary Romance

Clyde, Colorado – Present Day

The Colter family has grown over the years, and the Colter children have found their mates. Daughter Callie is happily married to Max, while the three Colter sons, Seth, Michael, and Dillon, have taken Lily as their wife. Meanwhile, Holly Colter, the matriarch of the family, feels blessed having spent over thirty years with her three husbands, Ryan, Adam, and Ethan. Holly is looking forward to Christmas because once again her children and their spouses will be home to share the holiday.

But all is not well. Lily learns she is pregnant and fears giving birth because of the loss of her beloved Rose to SIDS. How can she face her husbands' knowing that she isn't sure she can handle the birth of a new baby? Callie feels that Max is no longer happy with her. Has she displeased him in some way, and he is now bored with her? What can she do to bring the spark back into their marriage? And then there is Holly…her family knows that she can't cook, but she wants to prove to them that she can learn to cook a fabulous meal for them. This will be her Christmas present to them.

COLTERS' PROMISE doesn't really introduce readers to any new characters from the Colters' Legacy series except for Max's sister Lauren, but we see very little of her. Instead, the focus is on catching up with the clan, especially Lily as she confirms her pregnancy, immediately throwing her into a period of uncertainty.  Lily feels losing Rose was her responsibility, but the three Colter men in her life quickly assuage her fears. Callie is happy with her life with Max, but after he distances himself a little from her, she wonders what is wrong. She soon learns that he is worried about Lauren, who just escaped an abusive relationship. Callie insists, despite herself being sick with strep throat, that they make a quick trip to New York City and bring his sister back. Callie is relieved to learn that Max still loves her, and with Lauren under their roof, he no longer has to be worried. Holly feels adored by her men, but she wants to prove she can do something if she puts her mind to it. With Lily's help, Holly begins to practice cooking, but a sudden obstacle is put in her path. Will Holly get to make her Christmas dinner and celebrate the holiday with her family?

A tale that is at times sappy and not really long on conflict, COLTERS' PROMISE is still a good, heartwarming, and erotic romance that will have you catching up with them and wanting more of the Colter family.

Patti Fischer