Harlequin Desire #2401
ISBN: 978-0-373-73414-6
October 2015
Contemporary Series Romance 

San Francisco and Catalina Island, California – Present Day

Ad agency executive Celia Taylor will do anything to land a big contract with billionaire Evan Reese's company, but that will not include sleeping with him to gain the bid. She's this close to landing his company, but then he throws in a counter offer: he needs her to go with him to Catalina Island where he's attending his brother's wedding. Evan says it is so they can talk, but they're barely at the hotel when they run into his family. Evan introduces Celia as his…fiancée. She says nothing to dispute it, as she doesn't want to ruin the inroads she's made on snagging his company, but is she playing with fire by getting involved with him? She doesn't want history to repeat…

Evan knows his brother and his fiancée are rubbing their marriage in his face because Evan used to be engaged to his brother's fiancée. He doesn't really care to go to the wedding, but family obligations are forced upon him. He's been attracted to Celia for months while she's worked at getting him to agree to sign with her company. They're almost there, but he sees a weekend on Catalina Island as a way to finally indulge in the sizzling desire that hovers between them. Unfortunately, Evan forgot to tell Celia about his fake engagement plans before his family descended upon them. But it doesn't stop them from enjoying the rewards of being engaged. A hot affair ensues, but will people think Celia's sexual relationship with Evan helped to land the deal?

Some people may see Celia as ambitious, and she might pull a few tricks out of her sleeve, but sleeping with Evan isn't going to be the reason she wins the account. The reason for this is because years ago in New York City she was accused of this exact same thing and it nearly ruined her career. She likes Evan—and is even attracted to him—but she vows to keep it strictly business between them. But Evan has other ideas, especially when he sees her as a way to provide a little smoke screen at his brother's wedding. The chemistry between them is hot, and it doesn't take long before they're acting upon this. The sex is good, but Celia can't afford for word of their affair to be known. But like many secrets, it's only a matter of time before the word is out.

Maya Banks has written a sensual and emotional tale in A CONTRACT ENGAGEMENT. Evan is used to getting what he wants, and Celia is what he wants. With her job and reputation on the line, she can't afford any bad moves. She might pull out all the stops to get a new account, but using sex to get it isn't going to be one of them. A CONTRACT ENGAGEMENT was originally published in March 2010 by Harlequin Desire and is part of their reprint of reader favorites from the past.

Celia is caught between her job and desire for a certain billionaire in A CONTRACT ENGAGEMENT. Can she get what she wants…and find love? Discover the answer in this sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer