Harlequin Desire Anniversary Collection
Harlequin Desire #2148
ISBN: 978-0-373-73161-9
March 2012 (reprint)
Short Story

Cozumel , Mexico and Tremont , Texas Present Day

Haley Turner fell fast and hard on her Mexican vacation for a man who suddenly disappeared after their one night as lovers. She learned later that he hadn't even given her his real name, and when she learns she is pregnant, she chooses to raise her son alone.

Four years later, Haley learns that her son's father is billionaire Garrett Winslow, and that he's just acquired the company she works for. Because of his family's wealth, he didn't tell her his real name, but a family emergency forced him back home. When he learns about his son, he not only wants him, but Haley back. Can she forgive him for the lies he told her?

In BILLIONAIRE'S BABY, a vacation fling ends up with a baby as a permanent memento of their time together. Haley is concerned on how the merger will affect her job, but the last thing she expects is that her boss would be her son's father. It doesn't take long for Garrett to find out, and once he does, he will move heaven and earth to bring both into his life. First he has to convince her that his deception was based on a fear that she could turn into a woman who saw dollar signs and a potential rich husband if she knew his real name, but Garrett now realizes that Haley isn't like that. He'll now need to win her trust and love.

While short in words, BILLIONAIRE'S BABY is long in passion. The sparks fly between them right from the start, and readers will be rooting for Garrett and Haley to realize they're meant to be together. Part of the Harlequin Desire Anniversary Collection , you can find this tale in the back of Jules Bennett's CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Give both a try and you won't be sorry.

Patti Fischer