A Castle of Dark Dreams Novel , Book 6
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25313-7
October 2012
Paranormal Romance

Galveston, Texas - Present Day

During Ivy Lowe's first night at the Castle of Dark Dreams, she dances with a sexy stranger on the beach, encounters a nasty little man who claims she stole his job, finds her room full of spiders, and then watches them disappear from her room when the cranky man dressed like a wizard says a few words.  For a woman grounded in reality, there are a few disturbing things at her new job that just don't make sense.  When her new boss, Sparkle Stardust, introduces her to some of her co-workers the next day, Ivy formally meets her mysterious dance partner, Murmur, who tells her that he's the demon of music.  By the end of the day, Ivy comes to understand that Murmur wasn't joking about being a demon, and most of her co-workers are not exactly human.

Centuries after leaving the Underworld, Murmur is beginning to realize that the old urges aren't quite as strong any more.  Even while dancing with Ivy on the beach, he didn't let the music that's a part of him lead her to her death.  The good things he's doing should really disturb Murmur more than they do, and a visit to the Underworld may be needed in order to regain that demonic edge.  Yet, meeting Ivy changes things for him, and when his ally (and possibly friend) Bain asks Murmur for help retrieving his lost love by offering Ivy in her place, Murmur knows he won't be leaving any time soon.  He also has no intention of exchanging Ivy for anyone.

The sixth book in the Castle of Dark Dreams series, WICKED WHISPERS introduces readers to a woman who believes there is a rational explanation for everything and the demon who will prove that false.  Growing up with a father who couldn't stick with one job for any length of time makes Ivy determined not to give up, not even when strange things start happening.  While Murmur scares her, Ivy has to admit that he's always been up front and honest with her, and before long she finds herself trusting him.  The attraction between them is surprising to both of them—Ivy because she knows what he is, and Murmur because demons don't usually have human emotions. 

In addition to the unexpected romance between Ivy and Murmur, there are also a lot of other things happening at the castle.  Bain's lover was lost to the Sluagh Sidhe years earlier, and now he has a chance to get her back.  Murmur sends out a song to entice the Sidhe to the castle, but it attracts more than he hoped for, leading to a few complications. 

For a fun, sexy, paranormal tale, don't miss WICKED WHISPERS.

Jennifer Bishop