Gods of Night,
Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-06-201895-3
January 2011
Paranormal Romance

Portland, Oregon - 2012

Utah and the other members of the Eleven carry the soul of an ancient creature within them. Utah wants nothing more than revenge against the vampires that killed his brother, his pack mate. The last thing Utah expected on his trip toward vengeance was to meet, work with, and care for the leader of a bloodsuckers clan: a female, beautiful, and...mortal.

The vampires are ganging up with seven—part of ten ancient immortals hell bent on humanity's destruction—creating terror within the city. As the leader of her people, Lia's destiny and duty is to stop the rogue vampires before it is too late. The last thing Lia imagined could happen did; her deadly foe, Utah , will become her ally in this deadly battle. Together Lia and Utah must work with the Eleven against Seven and the renegade supernaturals that follow. Utah and Lia never dreamed, though, that love for the battle could be just as deadly as the battle itself...

Action packed and fast paced, ETERNAL PREY never stops. Interesting from beginning to end, readers' interest will never waver. Lia is a headstrong lead who is smart enough to rule the vampires and beautiful enough to steal hearts. Utah is a different kind of male protagonist from what fans of paranormal romance have come to expect. Protective to the core and sexy, Utah has a depth and constancy that many characters lack.

Nina Bangs incorporates ancient beasts, mythology, vampires, shifters, and deities into a number one package. Literally. Ms. Bangs's constant use of numbers for people and things has significance, but the symbolism is a bit over the top. Seven (and the other nine immortals) must be sent back to the cosmos with an object that holds seven of something and a lover of one of the Eleven must accomplish the task.

Nina Bangs merges ancient lore with the modern day vampire splendidly in ETERNAL PREY. Fans of other paranormal romance authors such as Lynn Veil, Christine Feehan, and Angela Knight will enjoy the  Gods of Night  series. Look for the previous novels, ETERNAL PLEASURE (2008) and ETERNAL CRAVINGS (2009).