A Sweetland Novel , Book 2
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-01923-3
December 2013
Contemporary Romance

Sweetland, Maryland - Present Day

With his grandmother's death, Preston Cantrell, as well as his five siblings, inherited the Bed & Breakfast that was once his family home…and a puppy.  Gramma's wish was that the five grandchildren that left Sweetland would come back to stay, and while they are all back now, Preston has no intention of sticking around.  Once he finds a home for his puppy, he plans to return to Baltimore and his thriving law practice.  But when Heaven Montgomery arrives to adopt his dog, Preston's plans change.

It's been six months since Heaven almost lost her life in an explosion, and she's still a little shaky.  Even before the accident, Heaven was pretty much alone in Boston, and therapy has helped her to realize that she should move forward with the life she wants for herself—not the one her socialite mother has planned for her.  Heaven's first step is adopting Coco, the beautiful chocolate lab puppy she found through an ad, yet her trip to Sweetland offers her a few surprises.  First is the handsome owner of the dog, Preston Cantrell.  Even before she starts hearing stories, Heaven can tell he's a man used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women.  Though at first she finds him annoying and smug, it's not long before he starts to charm her.  Just as charming though, is the Cantrell family, who make her feel welcome immediately, and before long, Heaven is falling for Sweetland just as quickly as she's falling for Preston.  While Heaven may have finally found the place she belongs, will it be possible to be happy when Preston leaves?

Return to the small town of Sweetland to see what's going on with the Cantrell family in JUST LIKE HEAVEN.  Of the six siblings, Michelle is the only one who remained in the town they grew up in, but with Mary Janet Cantrell's death, all six of her grandchildren have come back.  Janet's hope was that splitting the inn as well as her dog's latest litter of puppies amongst the siblings would encourage them to stick around, and so far they have.  Preston has spent the month since the funeral helping to manage the inn while doing what he can for his law practice despite the long distance.  He's intrigued by Heaven, but Preston is not the most trusting person, and it's obvious that she has some secrets. Though she received no physical injuries, Heaven is still not completely recovered from the explosion that blew up her lab—and most likely her life.  She's hoping to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of their life, but she hadn't expected Sweetland.  It is so far removed from the life she's known in Boston, but for the first time, Heaven feels as if she's found a home.

A charming romance, check out JUST LIKE HEAVEN.

Jennifer Bishop