NAL Accent
ISBN: 978-0-451-23689-0
July 2012
Women's Fiction

Portland, Oregon - Present Day

Ex-cop Jason Cheddick is having coffee at a popular cafe when a suspicious man draws his attention. The man charms the barista, who, just a few minutes ago, would not give Jason the time of day, let alone his coffee. The stranger notices Jason's interest and invites himself to Jason's table as he begins to chat. Scant seconds later, the man collapses right on top of Jason's newspaper. Paramedics are called, and a search turns up two wallets, both belonging to men named McCoy; one man is named David and one is Eric; both men are 42 years old, one lives Portland, one nearby, in Brookville, Washington. Each ID photograph might be the same man, but even so, they are different enough to raise suspicion.

Event planner Kendra McCoy has been married eight years to Eric, a political analyst specializing in Middle Eastern politics. Eric is often away from home on assignment, but that gives Kendra the freedom to run her business. Never one to want for money, Eric always sees to it that the bills are paid and Kendra has cash in her wallet. When the police contact Kendra about Eric's wallet, she knows it can't be his. Even so, she agrees to go to the hospital to help identify the man.

Day-care provider, Leslie McCoy has been married to David McCoy just a few short months, and she is sure that they're finally expecting their first child. As a wilderness guide, David is often away from home, and she can't wait to tell him the news. When Leslie's aunt informs her the police are asking for her to identify a man at a nearby hospital, she isn't worried. The injured man probably stole David's wallet. Leslie's aunt, Ms. Cassandra Wilcox, and her mother, Beatrice Sorrenson, accompany Leslie to the hospital. Aunt Cassie is the strong one, but Beatrice is not to be left behind, so all three of them are waiting when Dr. Strachan brings them into ICU to identify the stranger, who is still in a coma after surgery. Both Kendra and Leslie know it cannot be David or Eric, so when they see the unconscious man lying in the bed, they're both in shock. What happens next is a roller coaster ride of fun!

THE ELUSIVE MR. MCCOY (David/Eric) has two wives, two names, and juggles two very different lives. What follows is an intriguing story as each chapter opens to tell either Kendra's or Leslie's story in succession, alternating chapters. Later on, we are entertained with Eric/David's story as we learn how he came to be in this predicament, all the while, he is in a coma. Great characterization, a parrot named Cracker Jack, and several sub-plots makes this an entertaining and page-turning read! The reading is speedy, and the story is original and intriguing.

THE ELUSIVE MR MCCOY will keep you awake, so set aside enough time to finish the story! You will not be sorry!

Diana Risso