Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2319
ISBN: 9780-373-73332-3
August 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Billionaire botanist Liam Hawke is stunned when he gets a call from the hospital informing him that he's a daddy. He never gets a chance to learn why his ex-girlfriend didn't tell him she was pregnant because she dies shortly after birth. Not knowing how to take care of a newborn baby, let alone drop everything at work just as a new flower is about to be released, Liam is in a panic, especially since the maternal grandparents are threatening to take him to court for custody. He decides to hire his brother's housekeeper, Jenna Peters, away from him and install her as the live in nanny since she has a baby of her own. Surely she can instruct him in the care of his baby? It's only until he can get his life in order and learn the whole childrearing process. Liam didn't expect, however, that he'd soon find himself attracted to Jenna.

Jenna was happy being the housekeeper and reluctantly accepts the nanny job because she thinks the infant is adorable and agrees to show Liam how to care for babies. She's also aware that there's something about Liam that draws her to him, but no way would she get involved with him or any man at this time. Not just because she has an eight-month old daughter, but because of a secret she hasn't told the Hawke family: she's a runaway princess from a European monarchy. However, soon she's drawn into caring not only for the baby, Bonnie, but also for Liam. She's treading dangerous waters if she gets involved. Not only could her true identity be exposed, but he just might end up hating her for her deceit. Yet, soon the attraction can't be denied…

It's a house full of babies in THE NANNY PROPOSITION, an intriguing mix of single parenthood, botany, and runaway royalty. Liam's world revolves around work, so whenever a woman gets the idea of furthering a relationship with him, he ends it. Liam thought he was careful in avoiding getting someone pregnant, so to learn he's a daddy has him suspicious. But one look at little Bonnie has him feeling mushy and wanting to do right with her. He needs to prove he's a fit father to fight the grandparents, and with ready-made mother Jenna right under his nose he figures he has it made. From the moment Liam first spends time around Jenna, he feels a burst of desire. But getting involved with the nanny is not in his plans. Their attraction is like a slow burn that soon bursts into full-fledged passion.

After learning she was pregnant, Jenna knew that her parents would want her to do “the right thing” even though the baby's father was now dead. Rather than be forced into a marriage to someone else or to give up her baby, she runs away. Landing a job with the Hawkes was a stroke of luck, and now she's settled into a nice life as a single mother. But her growing attraction to Liam is about to unsettle her…and make her take a second look at her future. If they were to further their relationship, Jenna would have to tell Liam the truth. How will he react?

THE NANNY PROPOSITION is the first book featuring the Hawke brothers, so readers will need to keep an eye out for Adam's and Dylan's tales in the near future. Meanwhile, sit down and enjoy THE NANNY PROPOSITION for a sexy and fun read.

Patti Fischer