HIS 24-HOUR WIFE Rachel Bailey
The Hawke Brothers , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2406
ISBN: 978-0-373-73419-1
October 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Los Angeles, California Present Day

CEO Adam Hawke and PR guru Callie Mitchell are set to work together on a new advertising campaign for his company but they need to clear up the little matter of their marriage. They'd connected in Las Vegas while at a conference and married in a spur of the moment decision that he decided was a mistake the next morning. Both agree to a divorce, but when a nemesis of Callie's threatens to publically expose the marriage, damage control needs to be done. Adam proposes (!) they reveal their marriage and pretend all is well until the furor dies down. This includes living together. Will being in close quarters stir up the desire that led them to walk down the aisle in the first place?

Adam firmly believes mixing business with pleasure impairs decision making, so he has every intention of remaining single and focus on the company. But meeting Callie and embarking on a torrid affair with her ended up with a marriage proposal he soon regretted. She is beautiful, smart, and appears to be his perfect match, but Adam keeps her at an arm's length. However, living together soon has him unable to resist enjoying the kisses they must share to convince people they're in love. Is he enjoying it enough to keep the marriage going?

Callie loves her job and is hoping for a well-deserved promotion, but with a fellow employee trying to sabotage her chances, she is worried.  She still feels hurt over Adam's rejection of their marriage less than 24 hours after they wed and decides she wants to keep their relationship strictly business, but all that changes with the threat of exposure. Adam's plan of pretending to be happily married might work, but will it rip open the heartbreak she has hidden all these months? Their kisses are sizzling, and soon Callie and Adam are enjoying the perks of marriage that include the bedroom. But can Callie convince Adam to change his views on love and marriage?

The chemistry between Adam and Callie is apparent to all that are around them in HIS 24-HOUR WIFE, but how long will it take for them to see it? Adam has watched his brothers find love, and while he's happy for them, he plans to remain a bachelor. His feelings for Callie are intense, even as he tries to convince himself it's not love. Their road to a happily-ever-after is not smooth, but once Adam sees the light, will he take the next step to keep Callie in his life? Find out in the intriguing and enjoyable HIS 24-HOUR WIFE.

Patti Fischer