A K-9 Rescue Novel , Book 4
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-08695-2
May 2016
Romantic Suspense

His good friend Law asks K-9 rescue team leader and Hawaiian native Kye McGarren, co-owner of BaR K-9s, to check on Law's half-sister, Yardley. The doctor she has been involved with for the last year, David Gunnar, has disappeared. Gunnar had been working with Doctors Without Borders. Yard called Law, and he senses something is off and Yard might be in danger. The trouble is Kye and Yard had a three day relationship twelve years ago when he was training at her father's Harmony Kennels. Warned off, Kye did his military tour of duty leaving Yard behind. He still loves her.

Yardley Summers trains dogs at Harmony Kennels. Surprisingly, her harsh and distant father left the business to her and Law. Her worry about David fades when Law turns up at the kennels with his rescue dog Lily. She thinks she loves David, but she can't forget the passion she and Kye shared. That same sensual attraction immediately resumes, but she is determined to make Kye leave. To escape his presence, Yard spends time training her wolfdog Oleg, but his strange reactions to the surrounding woods and a visit from some FBI men, ratchet up anxiety. Then a man attacks Yard, and Kye refuses to leave until the two of them learn what danger she is in.

The anger and attraction between Kye and Yard fire the first few chapters until someone attacks her, introducing a different suspense to the situation. When David reappears, both Kye and Yard know their temporary alliance is doomed.

Robin Lee