BOUNCE – Noelle August
, Book 3
William Morrow
ISBN: 978-0-06-233110-6
September 2015
New Adult Romance

California – the Present

Skylar figured she would audition for the movie with the hope she would get a paying gig that would help pay the bills. She never expected to get the lead role, and all the pressure that went with it. But the cast is amazing; her friends are supportive, so it should be a fun time. Unfortunately, Skylar isn't handling everything as well as she had hoped… And then there's Grey, who is just another distraction she doesn't need.

Grey didn't mean to trash his older brother's house, and maybe working off the debt by being an errand boy on a movie set isn't the worst way to go. But even with things finally getting on track in his life, he still feels like everything is on the brink of falling apart. Except for Skylar – there's just something about her, and he can't get her out from under his skin. But can Grey make it work – the job, the music, all the family drama, and now his Sky?

BOUNCE is another hit in the Boomerang series! All the books feel fun and fresh, but the newest in the series feels deeper and more meaningful. Skylar and Grey both get caught up in the changes in their lives, and neither of them is handling things in a healthy way. And it's that gritty dose of reality that makes this book so original and maybe even a cut above the rest of the series.

The host of characters are fantastic, but it's the stories they tell and what they bring to the table that really make this book something special. Skylar and Grey shine as individuals, but together…the sparks fly. And fans of the series can rejoice, since Ethan, Mia, Adam, and Ali show back up and each borrow the spotlight for a brief time.

BOUNCE is the third novel in the Boomerang series, following BOOMERANG (JULY 2014) and REBOUND (FEB 2015). Previous characters do show up in later novels, but each can be read as a standalone. As of the writing of this review, there is no news of a fourth novel.

Amanda Toth