UNDRESSED – Avery Aster
The Manhattanites , Book 1
Ellora's Cave – www.ellorascave.com
ISBN: 978-1-419-94073-6
February 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Italy and New York City – Present Day

Lex Easton, fashion designer and head of Easton Essentials, is furious when her garment shipment doesn't arrive from Girasoli Garment Company, and she heads to Italy to confront its owner, notorious bad boy Prince Massimo Tittoni. She ends up on the doorstep of his island palace, but nothing prepares her for the earth shattering attraction she discovers upon meeting him. As the only child of a famed rocker who died and a mother who was an infamous rock and roll roadie, Lex isn't looking to hook up with a man who only has to step into a room to attract attention. Massimo is debauchery to the max, yet she's going to have to beg him to give her the much needed textiles or her company will implode.

Massimo can't believe the elusive designer showed up on his island off the coast of Italy. He has already started the wheels in motion for his own clothing company, and after Easton Essentials didn't pay for the last shipment, no way is he going to just hand over the material to them. However, his head is turned once he meets Lex, but he's not into relationships, only flings. Despite the fact that Lex will do anything to get the fabric—yes, even sleep with the prince—he turns her down. Yet, even resistance soon proves futile.

A sizzling hot romance from the pen of Avery Aster, readers are introduced to the world of fashion and the hard work it takes to make fashion week the premiere event that makes or breaks a company. Lex's introduction to the prince and his friends are certainly an eye opener, what with ménages and decadent lifestyles. Lex isn't a stranger to over the top lifestyles as her late father lived his to the fullest and her mother continues to struggle with being the fallen dame of rock and roll. Lex has chosen to keep herself under the radar, so when she meets Massimo, he thought Lex was a guy and is surprised she's a beautiful, if somewhat shy, female. Massimo might be royalty, but he runs a tight ship in his various businesses, with a new fashion house part of his future plans.

Stakes are high in UNDRESSED as Lex races against time (with fashion week just around the corner) to work on convincing Massimo to hand over the fabric. He has a counteroffer up his sleeve and knows she can't turn him down if she doesn't want to fail. She'll attend Italy fashion week events with him and pretend they're an item. If Lex has her way, she'd like to make their relationship become real in bed, even if the prince turned her down the first day. Will Lex succeed?

In the first book in The Manhattanites series, readers are not only introduced to Lex and Massimo, but Lex's best friends Taddy, Vive and Blake, as well as the prince's fashion designer, Jemma. UNDRESSED is Lex and Massimo's tale, but these minor supporting characters provide some provocative flavor. Who will be the star of Ms. Aster's next book?

Fast paced and furiously fun, UNDRESSED will steam up the pages as Lex enjoys a whirlwind trip in the Italian fashion industry with her prince of a man—and lover.

Holly Tibbs