FERAL HEAT - Jennifer Ashley
Shifters Unbound Novella, Book 5.5
Penguin Group eBook
ISBN-13:  978-1-101-61575-1
March 2014
Paranormal Romance – Shape Shifter

Austin, Texas – Present Day

Jace Warden has traveled to Austin to meet with Dylan Morrissey, the head of the Austin shifter town.  Presently all shifters across the country must live in segregated shifter towns, and travel between towns is carefully monitored.  Along with shifter towns, all shifters must wear a special collar around their necks that sparks electrically when a shifter is agitated; this is to keep shifters from attacking people for no reason.  In fact, it is these collars that are the reason Jace is in town; the Morrissey family is trying to find a way to remove the collars from shifters and replace them with fake ones.  But before Jace and Dylan meet, Jace is attacked by a wolf as he is walking into the shifter's fight club, a place shifters go to fight each other and let off steam, strictly for the fun of it.  Then a female wolf appears and seems to try to help Jace after he changes into his snow leopard, and before you know it, Jace has beaten the male wolf, and he and Deni Rowe, the female wolf, are having wild sex in the shadows of the fight arena.

Deni was at the fight club that night just to get away from the house.  A year ago a human ran her and her motorcycle off the road and seriously injured her.  Despite her body healing, her inner wolf was affected, now it's all she can do to control herself from going feral whenever she's around fighting.  There's even been talk of putting her down because she has such a tenuous hold on her inner wolf.  But Jace's touch seems to calm her down, and they are thrown together while his collar is being experimented with, and they need to hide him from the police who seem to be searching every house in shifter town looking for someone.  Could there be a traitor in their midst?

Jennifer Ashley is continuing the stories of the Shifters and their lives in their shifter towns.  Told from Jace's and Deni's points of view, Jace is just in town to experiment on his collar and go back home.  Deni is still depressed from what happened to her a year ago, and the connection between them shines bright, and no shifter turns his head away from great sex or being possibly mate claimed.  Fast paced and action packed, all the Shifter Unbound stories feature different members of the Las Vegas and Austin shifter towns, and we are gradually coming to learn all about them and the lives they struggle with each day.

Many of the other shifters from previous books make their return; including Dylan and Liam Morrissey; Ronan the bear; Broderick, a bullying wolf; Tiger, and a female human who appears to be feeding dangerous information about the shifters to the police.  Though there are a lot of people, everyone is trying to help the other in keeping their lives and cultures alive.

FERAL HEAT is the latest in the Shifters Unbound series, and each book is totally stand-alone, and you can easily understand their culture and how they live.  Wild and crazy, discriminated against and threatened, the shifters manage to keep their sanity and their lives secret from the rest of the world.  Shifters are always full of passion, and this story will certainly ignite the “heat” in you, so take it easy and don't spontaneously combust while reading this chapter of their lives.  There are many stories and novellas in this series, so dive in and enjoy the world that shifter towns will introduce to you. Available in digital and audio formats.

Cece Johns