WRONG FOR ME - Jackie Ashenden
Motor City Royals , Book 2
ISBN: 9781496703927
December 2016
Contemporary Romance

Detroit, Michigan - Present Day

Levi Rush has just been released from an eight year stint in prison, and he's back in town to get revenge on the girl who put him there. He was just protecting Rachel from an attacker, and things got out of hand. But Rachel never gave her statement to the police, and even worse, she never once visited him in prison. Before being locked up, he was prepared to start a life together with her, and now that he's out, he's getting that life back, no matter what Rachel wants.

Rachel has felt guilty for the past eight years, and now that Levi is back and she can see how much her friend has changed, she feels even worse. She'd be happy to avoid him, but he's forced her to make a deal--do whatever he says for as long as he wants, and he won't force her business out of the warehouse he now owns. But as mean as he can get, Rachel can tell there's still some of the old Levi left, and she's not immune to his charms.

Levi and Rachel are positively electrifying from the very first chapter. If you like your males to be of the alpha variety, then you need look no further than Levi Rush. And as tough as Levi can get, Rachel has the guts to stand up to him, making for some very tense moments, so be prepared to gobble this book up in one sitting.

A word of caution for any interested readers--due to Levi and Rachel's deal, there are a few scenes that feature dubious consent. These two characters are highly attracted to one another, and author Jackie Ashenden spares no details. For that reason, make sure you like your romances dark and dirty.

WRONG FOR ME follows DIRTY FOR ME (July 2016), but can be read as a stand-alone. The next book, SIN FOR ME, will release March 2017.

Amanda Toth