DIRTY FOR ME Jackie Ashenden
The Motor City Royals
, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-4967-0390-3
August 2016
Contemporary Romance

Detroit, Michigan Present Day

Tamara can't believe her friend ditched her to go to a club, especially since Tamara had accompanied her to the run-down part of town so her friend could take a self-defense class. Alone, at night, in one of the seedier parts of Detroit, Tamara is left without a ride or a working cell phone. Luckily, or maybe not so lucky since he scares her so much, Zee is willing to offer her a ride home.

Ezekiel, or Zee as everyone calls him, doesn't usually offer a ride home to his students, let alone their friends who didn't even bother to take the class. But there's something about Tamara that he can't ignore. She's such a sweet, pretty, rich girl, Zee should want nothing to do with her. But he can't stay away, and just as bad she won't leave him alone. He begins their little affair with a set end date, both of them planning to have fun until then but Zee's past is coming back to haunt him, and Tamara might get pulled down into the dirt.

The theme has been done time and time again sweet, innocent rich girl finds a hot bad boy from the wrong side of town and begins to learn to live on the wild side. But Tamara isn't innocent, and Zee isn't quite the bad boy he seems. He's making something of his life and trying to revitalize his little corner of Detroit. And while he might see himself as from the wrong side of the tracks, Tamara sees the good, and she's attracted to that just as much as she is the muscles.

Author Jackie Ashenden takes a classic story and gives it just enough spin to make it fit the mold yet still be original enough to suck readers in. Tamara and Zee's love story is a beautiful thing, and boy when they come together in the bedroom, or in plenty of other places, be prepared for the windows to fog up. Zee and Tamara hold nothing back with each other, which makes this one truly addicting read.

DIRTY FOR ME will be followed by WRONG FOR ME, featuring Zee's friend Levi, coming November 2016.

Amanda Toth