A Dark Angels Novel,
Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-440-24572-8
October 2011
Urban Fantasy

Melbourne, Australia – Present Day

Risa Jones has a boring enough life running the restaurant she owns with her two best friends, Tao and Ileana. Sure, she's part werewolf, can see reapers, and has a mother who's a famous psychic for the stars, but really… until a month ago, Risa's life was pretty normal. Always able to see and sense the reapers that come for souls that are about to pass on, Risa was more than a little worried to find one following her. And not just any reaper, but a warrior, sent to follow her in case her absent father decides to pop by for a visit.

But Azriel, her reaper shadow, isn't the only party interested in locating Risa's father. And the attacks by people trying to get answers from her are escalating from interrogation to more pain than she can handle. Her aunt Riley Jensen is hunting for answers, but Risa can't sit around and let everyone else do the work. With the help of her friends, Azriel, and her handsome new friend Lucian, Risa sets out to solve the mystery of what her father is up to—and hopefully won't get killed in the process.

Fans of the Riley Jensen series will enjoy Keri Arthur's new novel, DARKNESS UNBOUND, the first in the Dark Angels series. Those who have read the Riley Jenson books will be pleased to see Riley make a triumphant return to print as Risa's “aunt” and confidante.  For those who haven't read the Jensen books—no worries—you will easily be able to get in the flow of Ms. Arthur's writing style. And all are sure to enjoy the group of new and returning characters.

An interesting story with a unique and varied world of creatures, DARKNESS UNBOUND is certain to keep the reader entertained. The relationships between the characters are fascinating to watch unfold, and I certainly can't wait to see how the huge shock at the end affects the beloved characters in the second Dark Angels book, DARKNESS RISING (November 2011). And be on the lookout for DARKNESS DEVOURS coming July 2012!

Amanda Toth