WOLF LINE – Vivian Arend
Granite Lake Wolves,
Book 5
Samhain Publishing – eBook
ISBN: 978-1-60928-769-6
June 2012
Erotic Paranormal, Shape Shifters

Haines, Alaska – Present Day

Jared Gilliland is enjoying some relaxation after a pleasurable night with a beautiful woman when the rest of his werewolf pack joins him for coffee.  The pack's Alphas, Keil and Robyn, the Betas Eric and Maggie, and Omegas Tad and Missy have taken the Granite Lake pack the past several years and increased its numbers and made it stronger than before.  As they're outside enjoying coffee, Jared sees two brothers of an old lover who start to chase him, and he ends up on a cruise ship.  Not just any cruise ship, but a cruise for all types of shape shifters.  When they think he's a worker coming in late, he remembers Mark, the real employee, was at the bar last night and is probably still sleeping it off and will never know Jared took his place.  His job might be as a maintenance worker, but when he sees cute little Keri, he decides a little light-hearted flirtation . . . or whatever, might be in order.  If only Jared had a sense of smell he would know he's in for much more than a flirtation.

Keri is helping her best friend Tessa on the shape shifter cruise as the troubleshooter, handling the many emergencies that happen every day.  When Keri sees a man run on the cruise ship at the last minute, she only finds “Mark Weaver” signing in as an employee.  But when she shows him to his room, she immediately knows trouble is brewing; this guy is her mate.  There's no way her inner wolf can go ten days on a cruise without crawling on top of Jared and having sex until they both collapse from satisfaction.  But Jared doesn't seem to act as if he has met his mate, too; he's friendly, but not acting like what happens when two people find their mates.  Could Keri be wrong that he is her mate?

The leader of European wolves, the Fedoras, are on the cruise, but unfortunately some of Mrs. Fedora's jewelry goes missing, and then other people's jewelry.  Keri is going crazy trying to help Tessa find out what is happening when Jared finally changes to wolf and smells her.  Now he knows what it's all about; since he can smell as a wolf, he knows immediately he's met his mate, and eventually will have to confess to everyone who he really is.

Vivian Arend has a way of writing that ramps up the heat to perfection.  You feel the passion between the couple getting hotter, and can almost cut the tension between them, and yet every situation is written with great delicacy and style.  Told from Jared's and Keri's points of view, I have been pulled into the Granite Lake wolves and all their members, and it's a crazy, fun group.  Keri is on the cruise ship to help her best friend Tessa on her first trip as manager of the family cruise ship.  Jared got on the ship by mistake, and mostly lives his life looking for beautiful women and trying not to get assigned boring jobs by the pack's Alpha.  But Jared is hiding a secret about his family that, of course, will come to a head on this cruise.

Secondary characters are Tessa, in charge of the cruise ship on her maiden voyage, and Chad , who works for the cruise line and keeps trying to capture Keri's attention.  But as we know, werewolves can smell their mates, and when they do, no one else will do.  Other members of the Granite Lake pack make appearances, and most have been featured in previous stories; it's good to make their acquaintance again.

WOLF LINE is book five in the Granite Lake Wolves series, and if this is your first time getting to know them you'll be hooked just as I was.  I had already read WOLF SIGNS, but this is totally a standalone story.  If you love hunky, sexy, lusty weres and their mates who long to lick every inch of their bodies, you will be as insatiable as I am for more stories of their group.  Passion, heat, love, and soul mates all roam the pages of this story and will make you love them.  Please, do yourself a favor and buy yourself WOLF LINE, and your significant other might even enjoy it too…afterwards.

Cece Johns