HIGH PASSION – Vivian Arend
An Adrenaline Search & Rescue Novel, Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-26334-1
September 2013
Romantic Suspense

Banff, Alberta, Canada – Present Day

Alisha Bailey left behind a life of luxury but thoroughly enjoys her job as part of a search and rescue team. She's attracted to a fellow employee, Devon Leblanc, but she has resisted giving the womanizer any signs of her interest in him. When an unexpected crisis during a search and rescue operation has Devon concerned for Alisha, they give into the explosive hot desire that bubbles to the surface between them. Devon can only promise her an affair, which is fine with Alisha, because she's not quite ready for any commitment herself. When Vincent Monreal, a man from her past, shows up in Banff and wants to take up where he left off with Alisha years before, Devon's protective instincts kick in, especially as Vincent seems bent on forcing Alisha to come back to Toronto with him—whether she's willing or not. Alisha resists, especially since there are more important things going on in her life, like trying to stay alive after mysterious “accidents” begin to happen at work.

Being part of a search and rescue mission team provides an adrenaline rush for Alisha that's hard to give up, especially when they rescue someone in trouble. Devon's handsome good looks draw women to him, but it's the prickly Alisha who intrigues him. She doesn't talk much about her past and makes it clear his womanizing ways don't interest her, yet when he's by her side at her moment of unexpected need during a crisis, it brings them together and leads to kisses…and more. Yet, knowing that working together and having an affair may not be the best idea if things go sour, they still can't resist each other. The entrance of Vincent into Alisha's life raises Devon's hackles. He doesn't trust or like the man, but Alisha prefers to deal with things on her own.

Alisha soon discovers that Vincent is determined to get his own way. He wants to take over her father's company and needs her shares to do so, but in order to complete his plan, he needs to marry her. Vincent won't take no for an answer, even when Alisha makes it clear she will not marry him. While Alisha is dealing with her burgeoning relationship with Devon, Vincent continues to hang around like a persistent pest. Will Alisha ever get Vincent to understand in HIGH PASSION that her passion is for her job—and Devon?

Whether they're rappelling up or down a mountain or negotiating steep trails, Devon and Alisha get the rush of thrilling danger in HIGH PASSION.  Teamwork is an important part of their job, because if one of their coworkers fails or has an accident, then it imperils the rest of them. Devon is curious about Alisha's past, especially with the arrival of the pushy Vincent, but she seems determined to keep her private life out of their relationship, even when it turns passionate. The sex between Alisha and Devon is blistering hot, as neither holds back, yet what will happen if their superiors find out two members of the team are having an affair? Alisha feels her job is more important than Devon, but being with him is hard to give up. Meanwhile, is Vincent going to finally give up, or will he do something to jeopardize Alisha's job—and her life?

HIGH PASSION is an action packed tale from beginning to end as readers get a behind the scenes look at how search and rescue operations run. But the focus is also on the blistering romance between Alisha and Devon as they finally give into the hot desire that's bubbled for months between them. Is someone out to destroy the company? Will Vincent finally give up? Is there a future between Alisha and Devon? For a wild ride and a hot romance, find out the answers in HIGH PASSION.

Patti Fischer