A Nobody Romance , Book 5
ISBN:  978-0-8034-7458-1
April 2012
Contemporary Romance

Long Island, New York - Present Day

Summer Raine has always dodged the limelight, leaving that to her siblings, but she's a huge fan of a local shock jock, Cliff Hanger, who broadcasts an early morning radio show.  Summer's life is as perfect as it can get until the day she, her sisters, and their mother are out shopping for sister April's wedding.  Summer lobbies for her favorite radio show, and then listens in horror as DJ Cliff Hanger proceeds to trick an unsuspecting husband into admitting his affair on live radio.  Too bad said unsuspecting husband is Summer's.  Even worse, she's stuck inside a car with her entire family listening to what a despicable man Summer's husband, Brad, is.  Oh, Summer suspected something wasn't quite right, but she believed Brad when he denied it.  Now, there's no denying anything.  Even so, you won't find Summer taking the news sitting down.

She goes home, pours a glass of wine, and proceeds to douse Brad's designer suits in bleach, soaks his crisp white linen shirts in spaghetti sauce, and rolls her Escalade over the top of his golf clubs several times.  With few of his possessions unscathed, Brad has the nerve to walk into the house and ask what happened to his golf clubs?!

After her divorce, Summer takes a job at her sister's business, Rainey-Day-Wife.  Brad is selling their home out from under her, and she refuses to move in with their mother, so her sister, April, hands her an assignment as a live-in-nanny for Craig Hartmann, aka, Cliff Hanger!

Craig needs help.  With three kids, an invalid father, and the multiple errands two twin boys involved in sports can generate, Craig is being pulled in so many directions he fears he'll break soon.  In desperation, and at the advice of his assistant, Maureen, he calls Rainey-Day-Wife.  His very own ex-wife, Chelsea, is threatening to reclaim custody of the kids.  So, after he destroyed her life, is there a chance that Craig can persuade Summer to help him fix his?

NOBODY'S PERFECT starts out just like any other story of a cheating husband and crushed wife.  There, the similarity ends.  The story is a delightful and humorous tale of two people trying to find balance in their lives and make something out of chaos.  Summer ditches her cheating husband, moves into Craig's home out of the goodness of her heart, and the fact that she needs a place to live. Craig thought he was doing just fine as a single dad until his father's health took a turn for the worse, and now he finds himself in the precarious spot of organizing his life while he tries to keep the kids from the clutches of his ex-wife.

NOBODY'S PERFECT is the fifth and final story in the
Nobody series, but it stands perfectly alone on its own merits.  As much fun as this story is, I am sure you will want to look up the other books.

All of the characters sparkle, and NOBODY'S PERFECT is fun, fresh, and a PERFECT story for a lovely spring day!

Diana Risso