RUTHLESS – Gillian Archer
A True Brothers MC Novel , Book 1
ISBN-13:  978-0-399-59470-0
April 2016
Romantic Suspense

Reno, Nevada – Present Day

Jessica Miller is on a blind date set up by her mother, and at first he's looking good:  tall, confident air about him, and wears a suit like James Bond.  Well, then she sits down to dinner with him, which is ordered ahead of time (she hates fish), and he proceeds to tell her everything about him.  Charlie surfs the Banzai Pipeline in Oahu, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro without a guide (only sissies use a guide) and almost any other adventure driven activity until she wants to stab a fork in her eye.  Next he doesn't have a wallet to pay for dinner or his two expensive bottles of wine, and while walking her to her car informs her he needs a ride home, or preferably to her house.  As he is attacking her in the parking lot, a hot man throws Charlie off her and saves her.  Is Jessica happy?—yes!  Does she follow the hot guy and invite him for a drink while she tries to come up with a way to get with him—also yes.

Zag was just on his way to a biker bar when he heard Jessica scream.  After asking him for a drink and wanting a ride on his motorcycle, Zag takes Jessica to his home for what she apparently wants…him.  For several months they have a hot and heavy relationship characterized mostly by sex; until Jessica witnesses what looks like the sale of drugs by a biker with a True Brothers vest in the parking garage at her work.  Now Zag and Rebel, the president of the True Brothers, must accept that another member, Preacher, has gone against their rules and is looking to shut up Jessica any way he can after getting arrested.

Jessica and Zag seem to place sex on the top of their list that summer, and she rarely even sees her friends.  Jessica is addicted to what Zag can do for her, and Zag doesn't know what to make of such a good woman being attracted to the likes of him.

Gillian Archer introduces us to Jessica and Zag and their relationship that develops from possibly the worst day in Jessica's life.  Told mostly from Jessica's point of view, but some from Zag's, Jessica falls madly and instantly in lust with Zag.  Zag doesn't say much, but I'm sure at first he thought she was just a groupie who begged for a ride on his motorcycle.  Jessica, despite keeping all her inner thoughts in her mind, is fairly open, but Zag is entirely closed off.  If no one knows anything about him then he can't be forced to recall his druggie mother and getting kicked out of the house at sixteen.  Rebel, President of the True Brothers MC Club, was the only person to take him in and raise him to be the man he is.

Secondary characters are Bump, Bobby and Rebel from the True Brothers.  Jessica's friends Nicole and Emily are justifiably concerned with her quick and deep feelings for Zag.

RUTHLESS introduces us to the True Brothers MC Club and some of its members.  Though they do look shady, they don't sell drugs or women, and anything else about them is on a need- to-know basis.  Despite the rush to connect between Jessica and Zag using only sex, the distance between them seems to somehow connect by the end of the story, and perhaps Jessica and Zag can open up to each other in a true relationship.  The second book in the series is REBELLIOUS coming out in October, 2016.  Hopefully, it will let us deeper into the True Brothers MC Club and some of the men that are members.

Carolyn Crisher