WILD - Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas, A. C. Arthur
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN-13:  978-1-4668-9106-7
September 2016
Paranormal Romance Anthology

CATCH A TIGER Eve Langlais

Lulu Lamontaine had just been roped into doing the deposits for the gentleman's club she works at after the person who did it just disappeared, when she enters her office and finds a man going through the bar's files.  Bringing out her gun, he says his name is Broderick Fredrickson, and he does have the keys to her office.  Can she believe his story that he is an auditor sent to find out why their bank account shows illegal activity?  And then he has the nerve to say he is her mate ?  What does he mean and why is she so attracted to him?

Broderick knew the second Lulu threatened his life and smelled her that she was his mate.  But trying to explain why he is looking for the missing money to Lulu might not be the best way to start.  In addition to working for his company, Broderick is also under the authority of Fabian Garoux, the Lycan alpha of the city.  Since Fabian owns the bar, everybody should be aware you don't try to mess with Fabian's money, especially with the Tiger shifter, Broderick.

A cute story, CATCH A TIGER introduces Lulu (perhaps not her real name) and Broderick, a Tiger shifter who is stumped on how to assure Lulu she is his forever mate.


Meg Bonner is determined to have a bachelorette party before her marriage, and she also needs some advice from her friends:  Elle, Jules, and Darian.  Meg is marrying Zach, who says he loves her and showers her with attention and affection, but after growing up with her mother, she can't believe she is worthy of love.  What if he wakes up a month after their marriage and can't believe he made a huge mistake?  Surely it would be better to end the marriage rather than go through that heartbreak?  Perhaps a week at the Feral Passions Resort, a wolf sanctuary, will help get her head straight.

Feral Passions Resort is run by wolf shifters, and so far it seems as if every woman who comes there is the mate of one of the wolves:  Traker Jakes, Evan Dark, Manny Vicario and Drew Miklos are still looking for their forever mates.  Two other lycans, Cain and Brad, have already found theirs.  With new women coming next week, who knows if one of them will find a forever mate?

Will these women, each with a different story, find their fated mates?  Each man (lycan) and woman has an enthralling story and the desire to protect each other against humans and the other shifters determined to kill them.  WILD PASSIONS is a great story highlighting each woman and her destined mate; and can Meg find the confidence to accept Zack's love; or is he not the one for her?


Dr. Caroline Douglas is the new veterinarian in Montana, and all of a sudden seriously hurt animals are showing up at her office.  Malec Zenta just arrived with a deer that has two broken legs, and not hurt by a hunter.  The deer doesn't make it, but Caroline certainly notices how hot Malec is.  Malec is a shifter, and tries to deny Caroline may be his mate. She is a human, and Malec doesn't do humans.  Channing Vendi is Malec's best friend from the Service, and is also a shifter.  Malec and Channing's relationship has grown over the years, and being with a woman together is just the way they are. When Channing meets Caroline, he too is suffused with the mating urge, and they will stop at nothing to claim Caroline.

Malec finds another injured deer, and soon they are being left by Caroline's back door.  Who and why is this happening?  Malec and his friends know someone is after them, and if the humans in town learn they are shifters, their secret could lead to all sorts of trouble.  Other shifters have been outed on the east side of the country, and who knows what will happen if this knowledge spreads to their area?

Caroline, Malec, and Channing's relationship isn't something that can be controlled; it is hot and wild, and Malec struggles to deal with being with a human, while Channing has no such doubts.  Childhood experiences are part of each of their doubts, and coming to terms with them are necessary for them all.

HER PERFECT MATES will take you on the wild side where love is concerned.  Enjoy the ride!

Carolyn Crisher