WHERE'S MY HERO? – L. Kleypas, K. MacGregor, J. Quinn
Avon Books
ISBN: 0-06-050524-9
September 2003 wh

Historical Romance Anthology

Three talented writers gather to tell stories featuring heroes who played minor roles in their previous novels. You won't want to miss this lively anthology.


Doctor Jake Linley made an appearance in SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME. He's a successful doctor who is not rich and has no particular wish to be. In this tale, we learn that he's accepted among Regency Society, where he has a somewhat rakish reputation. For four years he has known and desired Miss Lydia Craven, but Jake had unknowingly hurt Lydia, when she overheard a careless remark he made about her to a friend. Ever since, they have been antagonists.

As the daughter of a fabulous rich father (Derek Craven, hero of DREAMING OF YOU), Lydia has a huge dowry. She recently became betrothed to Robert, Lord Wray, who shares her interest in mathematics and science and has a fortune of his own. Lydia believes she made a sensible choice using her head, rather than relying on such an illogical thing as a heart. The fun begins two days before the wedding.

The circumstances that bring the hero and heroine together may be familiar, but Dr. Jake and his “Lydia Logarithms” are original characters who make their love story work in an enjoyable way.


This novella introduces a new series featuring members of the Brotherhood of the Sword, a group of medieval knights who forged a deep and lasting friendship while prisoners of the Saracens. MIDSUMMER'S KNIGHT and the stories to follow are related to Ms. MacGregor's MacAllister series, and have many characters in common, including Simon of Ravenswood and Stryder of Blackmoor, who are closer than brothers. While Stryder is an earl and a great undefeated hero, Simon prefers staying in the shadows guarding his friend's back from assassins and from all the ladies who are nearly as ruthless in their desire to capture such a matrimonial prize.

Both men are dedicated to the brotherhood; neither man plans to wed, but for different reasons. Stryder dares not love; Simon's heart belongs to a lady so far above him, he might as well reach for a star. He's a landless bastard knight; she's the cousin of Scotland's King Malcolm. Simon and Ketta have been corresponding for a year, but when Simon and Stryder return to England from their round of European tournaments, it's Stryder whom everyone believes is Ketta's betrothed.

This passion-filled tale with touches of humor led me to Ms. MacGregor's website (www.kinleymacgregor.com), where I became further enthralled with her storyworld. I already have Kleypases and Quinns galore on my keeper shelves…now I'll have to make room for MacGregors.


If you're another JQ fan, you may remember Ned Blydon, Viscount Burwith and brother of the heroine of SPLENDID. This good-humored young man about town is now nearing his thirtieth birthday without ever having fallen in love, but he's decided it's high time he settled down. In looking about for a suitable wife, he chooses Miss Lydia Thornton, who comes with a twenty-acre dowry next to Ned's own Middlewood -- as opposed to the estates entailed to his father's earldom.

Three days before the wedding, Ned doesn't need his sister Belle telling him he's making a mistake to feel the noose tightening around his neck. Seeking to escape the endless prenuptial festivities at the Thorntons' place, Ned rides away toward the woods where he happens upon Lydia's younger sister Charlotte, another escapee from the mob of wedding guests.

What happens now? Ned and Charlotte are made for each other. Trust Julia Quinn to solve the problem to everyone's satisfaction with her delightful trademark humor.

Jane Bowers