THE PLEASURE PROJECT - JAX, Jenna McCormick, Cassie Ryan
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-4179-5
April 2013
Erotic Futuristic Romance Anthology

The Science of Pleasure - JAX

Dark Philadelphia

It's been seven years since the Phoenix Project was shut down, and Dr. Jenesis DeBruehl is finally in charge of her own lab again.  Of course, instead of working for a psychopath, this time Jenesis is working for the Alpha of Dark Philadelphia—a man who blames her for what he's become.  Jenesis hadn't been aware that Paulson, the head of the Phoenix Project, was using her research on human subjects, or that his experiments had created the Morphates, genetically altered humans.  Though she hadn't been found guilty when the government shut down Phoenix, Jenesis still lives with the guilt that her research was used to destroy lives.  Working with Kincaid Gregory at his lab in Dark Philadelphia will hopefully ease some of that burden for her, but Kincaid lets her know that while the government didn't find her guilty, he does.

Kincaid finally has Jenesis right where he wants her—under his control—in The Science of Pleasure .   He's spent seven years trying to control the beast inside of him, and now that he's in charge of Jenesis, the beast's instincts are to protect her.  This isn't what either of them had planned when Kincaid hired Jenesis, but the heat between them builds the more time they spend together, and they both begin to see beyond what the past has done to them.

Project Seduction - Jenna McCormick

North Carolina

Having his rental break down during a thunderstorm is the perfect end to a dismal visit home for Jace Donovan.  His rescuer comes in the form of the slightly older than he Evie Ripley, who offers him a room at the inn she runs, and promises not to attack him.  Jace decides that if Evie isn't going to make a move, he'll just have to seduce her.  When her ex-husband arrives, drunk and verbally abusive, Jace steps in to stop the man, then does his best to show Evie just how desirable she is.

As a professional pleasure companion, Jace is well versed in how to please a woman, but in Project Seduction , he learns that pleasuring his woman is a whole new experience.  Evie isn't too keen on marriage after the way her first one ended, so while she enjoys her time with Jace, she knows he's on his way back to New New York City, and she's happy where she is.  But fate has a surprise in store for both of them.

A Pirate's Pleasure - Cassie Ryan

For five years, Captain Dani McGovern has been the notorious space pirate Red Death, but unlike her predecessor, Dani has devoted her time to pirating the ships that would further the war between the twin planets, Gavin 1 and Gavin 2.  Their latest seizure of a ship headed for Gavin 2 leads to some surprises as its captain, Dare McFadyen, is the grandson of the man who turned her life around.  He's also the hottest man she's seen in quite a while, and when he expresses an interest in her, Dani intends to enjoy her captive—every way she can.

Dare has just taken over his grandfather's business, and in A Pirate's Pleasure he gets a crash course in the riskier aspects of being a captain.  Of course, those risky aspects lead to some amazing rewards, as the chemistry between him and Dani is too hot to ignore.

Three sizzling, futuristic stories comprise THE PLEASURE PROJECT.  Whether it's the countryside of North Carolina, the one-time criminally run city slowly reviving, or a starship in another galaxy, all of the stories feature couples who find love when they aren't looking for it, and in the most improbable ways. THE PLEASURE PROJECT is a great way to escape reality for a bit and immerse yourself in steamy yet romantic other worlds.

Jennifer Bishop