RESCUING CHRISTMAS – Vicki Lewis Thompson, Catherine Mann, Kathie DeNosky
ISBN: 978-0-373-83768-7
November 2012
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Tacoma, Washington – Present Day

Holiday Haven – Vicki Lewis Thompson

The Haven animal shelter director Tansy Dexter is hoping the free publicity a local television station is providing them will help with shelter donations and adoptions. The station's videographer, Ben Rhodes, is being used to take pictures of the pets, which requires that he work closely with Tansy. The closeness soon turns into attraction, but Ben isn't looking to get involved with anyone. But the more they try to avoid each other, the harder it becomes to resist the attraction.

After traumatically losing a beloved pet as a teen, Ben Rhodes doesn't want to fall in love with Tansy or an animal in Holiday Haven . But as Christmas draws closer, the more pressure he gets from Tansy to open his home—and heart. It will take plenty of loving to heal the hurt experienced by Ben. Tansy and the menagerie of pets are a delight in Holiday Haven . Will they win over Ben? Find out in this sizzling tale.

Home for Christmas – Catherine Mann

Tech Sergeant Alex Conrad is home after serving a tour of duty overseas, but it isn't expected to be a happy reunion with his wife, Shelby. In fact, as soon as the holidays are over they plan to file for divorce. Alex expects a quiet holiday sorting his things out, but Shelby has other ideas. She invites him to go with her on a cross state mission to deliver three shelter dogs to their new homes. Alex agrees, but soon the closeness with Shelby reminds him all too clearly how much he's still attracted to her. Can they work things out and get their marriage back on track?

A marriage gone bad is saved by a selfless journey to deliver three shelter dogs to their new owners in Home for Christmas . Alex has pretty much given up on his marriage, and Shelby isn't sure there's enough love left between them to salvage it. Alex has buried himself in his career, and this journey gives them the opportunity to talk. What they learn ends up surprising them both. But is it enough to save their marriage?

A Puppy for Will – Kathie DeNosky

Will isn't exactly in a ho-ho mood as A Puppy for Will opens. Besides being overworked at his job as a software developer, he's still stinging about a review that questioned his abilities. He did, however, agree to foster a shelter dog for the holidays as a favor to his grandmother after the shelter's roof collapses. The dog proves to be a wily animal and it's not long before it leads to Will being introduced to his neighbor, Macie Fairbanks. Macie and Will hit it off, and a friendship develops. But how will Will react when he learns that Macie is the anonymous reviewer who slammed him?

Besides not telling Will her real identity, Macie recognizes him from a teenage encounter in a vet's office years ago. Will has a lot of unhappy memories involving pets, and Macie is determined to make Christmas with the foster dog one he won't forget. Macie and Will are attracted to each other in A Puppy for Will and, as they get to know each other, the more she wonders how she can tell him the truth.

All three tales in RESCUING CHRISTMAS are tied together by a shelter called The Haven. Readers who love stories featuring love, animals, and a warmhearted feeling will truly enjoy RESCUING CHRISTMAS. Each tale has enough spice to warm up the holidays and enough love to leave a smile on your face.

Patti Fischer