NIGHTSHIFT Kate Douglas, Crystal Jordan, Lynn LaFleur
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-6936-2
December 2011
Erotic Romance Anthology

Here is an anthology of erotic paranormal tales that are fun and interesting and enjoyable to read.  Let's sample stories from each of these authors and their fascinating tales of different types of paranormal activities.

Dream Catcher - Kate Douglas
Silicon Valley, California 1992

Mac Dugan is sitting at a bar with his best friend in the world, Nils Dinkemann, who entered his life at the age of seven in a foster home.  Dink is gay, and Mac knows Dink would like it to be more.  But right now Mac is worried about his grant and fellowship in his computer department.  Mac's not sure, but the red-headed girl he spent a night with might have stolen his notes and floppy disk.  Now the Dean of the department's nephew has been awarded the grant, and Mac has no proof the information was stolen from him.  A night wallowing in pity at his apartment sounds good.

Zianne is from the planet Nyria, and all the signs point to Mac as being the only one who will be the salvation for her remaining people.  Zianne appears before Mac in his shower, and that night they have the best sex he's ever had, but then she's gone in the morning.

The question is can Zianne persuade Mac to help them and on the way have some hot sex, even with Dink joining their group.  Dink's love for Mac and Mac's love for Zianne make for an interesting trio as they try to save Mac's scholarship and see how computers could possibly help another civilization.

Futuristic and sexy, Dream Catcher is quirky and appealing for a night's reading enjoyment.

Taken Between Crystal Jordan
San Amaro Present Day

Kira is a Between, a shape shifter, currently working for the Between king and his fiancée.  After the marriage of Elan to Rhiannon, Kira will be her main bodyguard.  But when she smells Max, Elan's brother and the commander of the King's Guard, she can't stop her need for him.  Though Max and Kira grew up together, Max and Elan's father and former King, Phillip, did a real job on Max and the way he sees himself.  After years of being told how worthless he was, Max joined the Marine Corps and proved himself in every way, but when he returns to their home in San Amaro all the old feelings arise.  Kira used to be a cop with the LAPD, but when Elan became king, she joined his Guard.

Max struggles with his self-worth and can't believe it when he and Kira hook up, but he is sure she always liked Elan better than him.  After the wedding, the wedding couple, along with the rest of the Bodyguards and staff, go to an isolated cabin in California , but Rhiannon is getting threats, and Kira and Max must stay on their toes to protect their king and queen.

Kira and Max have a past history and are now trying to decide if they have a future together.  Taken Between is a fast paced story with the Betweens and Kira and Max as they decide if there is more to their relationship than sex, and whether Kira can convince Max that he is not who his father thought he was.

The Right Number Lynn LaFleur

San Francisco , California Present Day

Jamieson Millington is a computer nerd and runs a company called JEMATAR.  One day he's looking for investment properties and singles out the Dallas area.  When he calls the real estate company, he dials a wrong number, and when a woman answers the phone it only takes one word from her and the wolf inside him snaps to attention.  After some phone flirting she hangs up without even giving him her phone number, but Jamieson knows he has ways to find it.  When his partner and cousin Troy comes in, he lets him know he has found his mate.

Veronica St. James works for her family's company, St. James Security, and was also surprised at her reaction to the phone call.  The wolf inside her wants to run with its mate, it knows he is the one.

As we watch Jamieson and Veronica get together and explain their random connection, there is fun, attraction and excitement between them, along with a possible assassination of Jamieson.  When JEMATAR'S new computer designs are almost hacked, Troy thinks Veronica's sudden entrance into Jamieson's life is suspect.

I think you'll love The Right Number as much as I did and enjoy the story of two mates who meet over the telephone and know immediately that they have met their other half.

NIGHTSHIFT features three paranormal stories that will grab your attention and keep you engrossed all the way through.  I especially enjoyed the last story, and each one features a different part of the paranormal world.  You can't go wrong this month with these spectacular stories.

Cece Johns