LET IT SNOW… -- Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque
Blazing Bedtime Stories Holiday Collection
Harlequin Blaze #723
ISBN: 978-0-373-79727-1
December 2012
Contemporary Romance Series Anthology

The Prince Who Stole Christmas – Leslie Kelly
New York City

It's Christmas, the busiest time of the year at Claire Hoffman's candy shop, and the last thing she needs is the distraction of a loan shark after her no good brother. But when her brother secretly rents the rundown apartment above her shop for money that he pockets, it brings into her life a handsome, mysterious man named Phillip who makes Claire feel like Cinderella at the ball. Will her Prince Charming help solve her problems?

Prince Phillip of the far away (and out of this world) country of Elatyria is on one final mission to find his one true love and lands in New York. The moment he meets Claire, he realizes that she is the one. He doesn't let on that he is a prince because he has to gain her confidence. Phillip has to woo her and determine that she will love him for being Phillip, and not because he is a wealthy prince.

It's nearly Christmas, but Claire isn't feeling jovial, what with her brother in debt to a loan shark who has threatened to emasculate him and then go after her. When Phillip shows up in her shop, she mistakes him for the enforcer, but then is horrified to learn her brother rented out the space upstairs without her knowledge. The stranger is charming and attentive toward her, and it doesn't take long before she finds herself under his spell. Phillip is equally smitten, yet he has to approach Claire carefully, because she'd have to give up her life here and move with him to Elatyria. Can Phillip convince Claire that he can make all her dreams come true and they'll live happily-ever-after?

Leslie Kelly cooks up some sexy fun with The Prince Who Stole Christmas in the fun tale.

My True Love Gave to Me… -- Jennifer LaBrecque

Good Riddance, Alaska

Knox Whitaker and Trudie Brown had been friends for years, but he suddenly broke it off when his latest girlfriend couldn't handle the special connection Knox and Trudie had. Months later, both are in Good Riddance for the annual Chrismoose festival and almost immediately run into each other. Knox can't figure out how to apologize to Trudie for his part in their breakup, while Trudie finds it hard to be around him because he never realized that she was in love with him. Circumstances not only force them to spend time together, but to finally hash out the truth…that they can't live without each other. Will Christmas bring them together for a forever kind of love?

It took a while, but Knox finally figured out that the only person who matters in the world is his one true love, Trudie. Now he has to make it all up to her after he made the mistake of unceremoniously ending their friendship. But Good Riddance is a good place to finally say goodbye to the past and to make a bright future. Time has healed the wounds Knox experienced after losing his beloved grandmother, while Trudie realizes that Knox continues to be the one she will love for a lifetime.

My True Love Gave to Me is about reunited friends finding love and happiness. Against the background of the lively characters of Good Riddance and the Chrismoose festival, readers will love to snuggle up with this sizzling tale.

Look no further than LET IT SNOW… for some fun reading from Leslie Kelly and Jennifer LaBrecque. Grab this one for a hot Christmas present for yourself.

Patti Fischer