LEGALLY HOT - Lora Leigh, Cheyenne McCray and Red Garnier
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-0-312-38913-0
January 2012
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Three of today's hottest authors come together in a steamy anthology featuring men in—and out of—uniform.  Whether they are military or police, there's just something about them that'll warm any woman, and in LEGALLY HOT, they've all met the one woman who is perfect for them.

Sheila's Passion - Lora Leigh

Simsburg, Texas - Present Day

For months, Sheila Rutledge has been carrying on the most erotic affair with Nick Casey.  While the sex is beyond anything she's ever had before, it's become more than that for Sheila—she's fallen in love.  Yet Casey doesn't seem to have any deeper feelings for her.  True, he works for her father, but is that the only reason he's kept their sexual relationship a secret?  Sheila knows that if she doesn't figure it out soon, she'll be dealing with a broken heart.

What started out as torrid nights with an incredible lover became more for Sheila, but has it for Casey?  Sheila has been burned once by a man, so she's already struggling with the strong feelings she has for Casey.  The fact that he's never done or said something to indicate that he wants more than sex from her plays on the doubts she already has.  A steamy novella, Sheila's Passion definitely turns up the heat.

Deadly Dance - Cheyenne McCray

New York City - Present Day

With the release of Edward Carter from prison, Detective Adam Boyd feels it necessary to warn Keri Holliday.  Seven years earlier, it was in large part thanks to her testimony that Carter was convicted, and he swore that he would make her pay.  From the moment Adam meets the former ballerina, though, it's more than a police officer's duty that prompts him to protect her.  When someone breaks into her house later that night, Adam is on hand to save Keri, and he is more determined than ever to keep this precious woman alive.

First introduced in the Night Tracker series, Adam Boyd meets his match in Deadly Dance .  Though his work introduces them and the story focuses a bit on the threat to her life, it is also a light-hearted romance at its core.  A change of pace from the series it's connected to, Deadly Dance gives readers a glimpse of a fun-loving Adam, as well as a strong woman who's overcome betrayal and loss, yet still enjoys life. 

Caught - Red Garnier

Phoenix , Arizona - Present Day

The budding relationship between Cody Nordstrom and Megan Banks was cut short in high school when Cody's twin brother Ivan murdered their parents.  Cody went to live with relatives in Texas , and through the letters he exchanged with Megan, he knew that she continued to have nightmares about the scene they walked in on.  Eventually Cody returned to Phoenix as an adult and a homicide detective and found and brought his parents' killer to justice.  But still he keeps himself away from Megan, the only woman he will ever love, because she deserves better than him.  Megan has spent the six years since Cody's return waiting for him to make a move, but she's waited long enough.  On the day she intends to do something about it, though, her nightmare returns to torment her and Cody once again.

In Caught , Cody is a man too afraid of the possible darkness within to do anything more than protect the woman he loves.  He's given up any thought of a happy ending for himself, but Megan sorely tests his resolve.  Megan has never forgotten Cody—or confused him with his brother—and she's tired of waiting for him.  But will the danger that reenters their lives bring them closer together, or convince Cody once and for all to leave Megan alone?

Jennifer Bishop