IN A COWBOY'S BED - Cat Johnson, Vonna Harper, Lynn LaFleur
Kensington Aphrodisia
ISBN: 978-0-7582-8887-5
August 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance Anthology

Two For The Road - Cat Johnson

Oklahoma - Present Day

Actress Heather Landon's fame has come from playing young, girl-next-door characters since she was twelve years old.  At twenty-two, Heather is ready to take on more adult roles, but her mother/manager is against the idea.  When Heather learns that her mother turned down two opportunities because it would clash with her virginal, good-girl image, Heather takes action.  The movie role may be lost to her, but the nude photo shoot for Vanity Fair is salvageable.  After the shoot, Heather trades cars with a makeup girl and heads out on an adventure.

Twelve hours later, the car has broken down on the side of a road in Oklahoma, and Heather is rescued by cowboys Ben and Ned.  They offer to fix her car as well as let her stay on their couch for the night, but Heather can see that both men are interested in her.  She may not be a virgin, but the few encounters she's had in the past were less than satisfying, so Heather decides to try something new.  What could be more adventurous than sex with two men?

Feeling trapped by her life, in Two For the Road Heather sets out hoping to gain a little independence and figure out how to keep it.  Along the way she meets two very handsome cowboys who'll turn her world upside down.  Ben and Ned are best friends and business partners, trying to make a go of their ranch.  Ned is carefree and loves sex—a little too much in Ben's opinion.  Ben needs the security of a successful ranch, and he's been so focused on that, that he's forgotten about having fun.  The three of them will definitely enjoy themselves in this fun, sexy story.

Soul of a Cowboy - Vonna Harper

Southern Oregon - Present Day

The moment Kathy Vinoza sets her eyes on Mike Moss, she forgets all about the article she's researching and can only focus on the ruggedly handsome cowboy and her reaction to him.  The article has the potential to become controversial, and she intends to write a fact-based, impartial accounting of the issue.  Mike's opinion as a rancher is important, but it's been a long time since Kathy's even wanted to be with a man, so her desire for Mike keeps getting in the way.

Mike's already decided that the article Kathy is writing won't be in favor of ranchers like him, but that doesn't seem to be discouraging his sex drive at all.  When she lets him know that she's interested in taking things beyond dinner, Mike realizes the attraction between them is too strong to resist.

An interview becomes a night of passion in Soul of a Cowboy .  It's more than just the physical that attracts Kathy to Mike. His way of life, the strong family ties, as well as the roots planted in land that's been in his family for generations are all things that Kathy has missed out on in her life.  The chemistry between them sizzles, but it's more than just heat between them.

Trouble in Boots - Lynn LaFleur

Texas - Present Day

Keely Sheridan has been in love with Nick Fallon since high school, but he barely even knows she's alive.  Working as a waitress at the local bar, she's done her best to show her interest, but he's never taken the bait.  What Keely doesn't know is that Nick is every bit as taken by her, but with the debts hanging over his head, he's not about to enter into a committed relationship until his ranch is running in the black.

Then Nick, a volunteer firefighter, breaks his ankle during a fire just before Thanksgiving.  With his housekeeper heading out of town, Keely offers to stay with him.  She's hoping to get a chance to show him how much she cares…and she ends up with so much more.

The timing has never been right for Keely and Nick, but in Trouble in Boots , they finally get their chance.  After years of being friends in a small community, Nick's injury will force them not only to spend time together, but will show Nick that Keely may not be available forever.

IN A COWBOY'S BED brings readers three sizzling hot stories featuring cowboys and the women who can't resist them.  Whether it be a chance encounter or a couple finally getting their chance, all three tales are sure to raise the temperature just a bit more this August.

Jennifer Bishop