HOT SUMMER NIGHTS – Jaci Burton, Carly Phillips, Jessica Clare and Erin McCarthy
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-2339-6
July 2013
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Hope Smolders – Jaci Burton

Hope, Oklahoma is just the kind of small town where everyone knows you, but up until now highway patrolman Will Griffin has been working too many nights to notice his former best friend's ex-wife Jane Kline. One day, Jane walks by and Will is instantly intrigued by her and stops to chat with her. Jane is cool with him at first, first because of his connection to her ex, and secondly because she is embarrassed because she thinks she must look frumpy to the handsome Will. But he's persistent and persuades Jane to go on a date with him. Yet she's not convinced Will could be interested in her, so tries to keep him at arm's length. Is Will wasting his time trying to be more than friends with Jane?

In Hope Smolders , Jane is the epitome of a single mom trying to juggle single parenthood and dating. Jane's trying to support herself and her two children, so she's taken on two jobs and doesn't think she has time for romance. Will wants to show Jane she's still attractive—especially to him. Their first date turns into a smoldering night she won't soon forget, yet ends up being interrupted. Will wants to pick up things where they left off, but Jane avoids him.

Hope Smolders brings readers a sparkling tale that is a perfect beginning to HOT SUMMER NIGHTS.

Perfect Stranger – Carly Phillips

Dr. Alexa Collins is usually kept busy at the hospital in Serendipity, New York, but she decides to spend a night on the town with her best friend, Cara. They end up in Joe's Bar, and Alexa begins to sway to the music when she notices a hot hunk of a man watching her.  Pro football star Luke Thompson is instantly smitten with Alexa the moment he spots her on the dance floor. When Cara is injured, Alexa hops into the ambulance and Luke follows her to the hospital to hang around, hoping to catch her. Maybe he can tempt her with a little fling while he's in town? Luke gets lucky, and a hot blazing night together is just what the doctor needs.

Alexa has been groomed by her father to follow in his footsteps, which means no play and all work, so she initially refuses Luke's offer of a night out. Yet, she begins to see how her future will be at the hospital, rarely pleasing her father, and she begins to hate her job. Can she have a brief fling with a man she barely knows? In Perfect Stranger , Luke tempts Alexa and shows her what she is missing in life, yet it is the perfect chemistry between them that has both wondering if there is any chance of a future between them.

Hardworking Alexa gets to have some fun, and Texan native Luke is the perfect man to play hooky with. Will there be some changes in store for them? Find out in the scorching Perfect Stranger .

The Legend of Jane – Jessica Clare

Working the night shift one night, Bluebonnet police officer Hank Sharp is called out by a farmer because someone is in his field. He arrives to find a crazily dressed woman trying to film herself tipping over sleeping cows. Hank learns that she is a video blogger who posts her weird antics on a popular blog called The Legend of Jane . Jane is really Luanne Allard, and she's desperate for money and found out if she does crazy stunts it brings in ad revenue. 

Hank warns Luanne to stop what she's doing since she's trespassing, and while she agrees, she's a woman on a mission to find her next video. In The Legend of Jane , Hank is intrigued by Luanne, and they soon hit it off, though he isn't aware that she's secretly plotting her next adventure. These wild antics of hers put her at crosshairs with Hank. He's noted for being an upstanding citizen, so could he jeopardize his reputation by getting involved with loose cannon Luanne?

A cute and funny tale , The Legend of Jane brings together a no nonsense cop with a free spirit. Do Hank and Luanne have any chance of a future together?

Ice Princess – Erin McCarthy

As the fifth wheel in her friends skiing trip to Lake Placid, Chelsea Carruthers has a knack for accidents, so when she gets locked out of her room in the bitter cold, it's the resort's resident ski instructor, Brody Durbin, to the rescue. He finds her funny and charming and, as luck would have it, he turns out to be her skiing instructor. They get to know each other, and while Brody isn't into permanent relationships, a fling with Chelsea while she's here would be perfect.

Brody and Chelsea soon discover in Ice Princess that not only are they compatible in bed, they enjoy each other's company. Yet his life and work is at Lake Placid, while she is trying to finish her college degree elsewhere. Can they work out any chance for a relationship that will involve distance? Delightful bantering back and forth highlights this sensual tale.

Non-skier Chelsea might have started out her Lake Placid trip feeling out of place, but a sexy encounter with Brody soon changes her vacation in the charming Ice Princess .

Two of the four stories in HOT SUMMER NIGHTS actually take place in the winter, but no matter what, readers who like their romance with a strong dash of hot will enjoy each and every one of these engaging tales.

Patti Fischer