HOT IN HANDCUFFS - Shayla Black, Sylvia Day, Shiloh Walker
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-24769-3
July 2012
Erotic Romance Anthology

Arresting Desire - Shayla Black

Las Vegas, Nevada and Newark, New Jersey - Present Day

FBI Agent Jon Bocelli is hoping that Nick DiStefano left behind some sort of proof that will clear Jon's brother, Stefan, of the murder for which he is currently serving time.  As the right-hand man of a Mafia boss, Stefan is no choir boy, but Jon is convinced that for this crime, he's innocent.  When Lucia DiStefano opens a present from her late father at her birthday celebration, Jon is convinced this will lead to clearing Stefan, and might even uncover who murdered Nick.  Working with Lucia will be a challenge though, one Jon's not sure he's willing to take on.  Ten years younger than he and a virgin besides, there's no way Lucia can handle what he wants from her.  But Lucia has a few surprises in store for Jon.

Jon first met Lucia while he was undercover, working for her uncle—she was off-limits then in more ways than one.  In Arresting Desire , however, the only thing holding Jon back is his belief that she's too innocent for him.  Learning of her plans for an exotic—erotic—vacation changes his mind in this sizzling erotic tale.

On Fire - Sylvia Day

Lion's Bay, Washington - Present Day

When a third arson fire burns another place with special sentimental value to her, Fire Inspector Darcy Michaels knows that it's time to call in the feds.  Federal Marshall Jared Cameron hopes he won't have to deal with the small town sheriff who feels his toes are being stepped on, but realizing that he'll have to spend time with the bombshell fire inspector may not be the wiser choice.  Neither Darcy nor Jared plays for keeps, but from their first meeting, both understand that all bets are off.

Incendiary passion sparks an all-consuming relationship in On Fire .  While looking for an arsonist, Darcy and Jared are burning up the sheets every chance they get.  But when evidence starts to point towards someone targeting Darcy, Jared's protective instincts are roused, and he realizes that, for the first time in his life, he's willing to work at a relationship.

The Unwilling - Shiloh Walker

Pasadena, Texas - Present Day

With a serial killer murdering women in her town, Lieutenant Mica Greer knows she needs help but isn't thrilled to be tapping her contact at the FBI.  Fifteen years earlier, Mica was training with a special team at the Bureau—one filled with agents with psychic gifts.  But Mica didn't feel strong enough to handle her abilities, so she left the team…and her lover, Colby Mathis.  Now, though, Colby is the only man able to help with her case, and he is just as enticing as he was years ago.  Colby has spent the last two years ignoring his abilities, having lost confidence in them and himself.  It'll be torture working with Mica again, not just because of his gifts, but because it doesn't take him even a second look to know he never stopped loving her.

A stubborn detective will have to face her past and the man she left behind in The Unwilling .  While they were with the FBI, Mica and Colby weren't just lovers, they worked together, blending their psychic gifts.  When Mica decided she couldn't handle her abilities and would rather live a normal life, she left the FBI and also Colby, but now they have a second chance.  First they'll have to find the disturbed man killing women in her town.

Each of the novellas in HOT IN HANDCUFFS combines gripping suspense with steamy sexual relationships, creating stories sure to keep your summer sizzling hot.

Jennifer Bishop