HOT ALPHAS - Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker, Kate Douglas
St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 978-1-250-06688-6
May 2015
Contemporary Anthology

A collection of short stories, HOT ALPHAS introduces reader to four very sexy alpha males, and the women who can't help but fall for them.

Erin's Kiss Lora Leigh

Texas - Present Day

Erin Masters has been fantasizing about Turk Rogan since she started working with him three months ago. The steamy kiss they shared had her believing that he returned her feelings, until he walked away.  Every time they start to get closer, Turk walks away.  But when someone attacks Erin in her home, Turk will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means risking his heart.

Unimaginable loss has convinced Turk it's best not to get deeply involved with a woman, but Erin's Kiss will change everything.  An ex-marine who now works security for a bar that is a part of the Covert Information Network, Turk has remained detached from life since his discharge, yet the sexy Erin tempts him in ways that surprise him.  Erin has a few secrets that could change how Turk sees her, but all she wants is a normal relationship without the interference of her over protective step-father and step-brother.  Is Turk the one who will be able to give that to her?

misTaken - Laurelin McGee

Boston, Massachusetts - Present Day

Jaylene Kim has just had the most disastrous blind date with a man who stomps all over her feminist toes when she meets her new neighbor, Noah.  He's sexy, charming, and doesn't seem intimidated by a strong woman, which is what has been the problem with a lot of Jaylene's past relationships.  He seems like the perfect man until he admits that he likes to be in control in the bedroom.  Letting a man dominate her in any way goes against everything Jaylene stands for.  So why is she still so turned on by Noah?

In misTaken , Jaylene has very definite ideas about what she wants for her life, but Noah challenges all of her preconceived ideas.  They connect on so many levels that it's difficult for her to ignore that attraction because of his need for control.  In spite of his secrecy about his life, Jaylene trusts Noah enough to see what could happen if she submits to him.

Burn for Me - Shiloh Walker

Madison, Indiana - Present Day

For three years, Ali Holmes has been in a friends-with-benefits sort of relationship with Tate Bell, but it's no longer enough for her.  She's in love with Tate and has been for a long time, but the tragedy of his past keeps him from offering her anything more.  Knowing she wants more than what Tate will give her, Ali breaks things off.  But when she does, Tate realizes just what he's about to lose and knows he has to make a decision: confront his past, or lose the woman he loves.

Living in a small town where everybody seemingly knows everybody else's business, Ali is well aware of what haunts Tate. She's settled for friendship and sex for years, even knowing that there is much more to their relationship than that.  But in Burn for Me , she makes the heartbreaking decision to end what she and Tate have, prompting Tate to reevaluate his life.  He loves Ali as well, but will love be enough to put his past behind him?

Tangled - Kate Douglas

Healdsburg, California - Present Day

Though Nate Dunagan's trip to his new home is eventful, he ends the evening sharing conversation, pizza, and wine with his new co-worker, Cassie Phillips.  The night ends up with them in bed, but the next morning Cassie seems to have regrets.  Nate had been hoping to finally take his career in the direction he'd always planned with his move to the small but successful winery, but now all he's thinking about is Cassie.

Her own world is in a bit of upheaval right now, and the last thing Cassie needs is to get involved with a man.  Unfortunately, fate has other ideas for her in Tangled .  Nate and Cassie have a lot in common, but she begins to wonder about the wisdom of being involved with a man she works with.  But when odd things start to happen at the winery and Cassie faces an unknown danger, she realizes that Nate is just what she needs.

Jennifer Bishop