HOLIDAY HIDEOUT – Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jill Shalvis, Julie Kenner
Harlequin Special Releases
ISBN: 978-0-373-83762-5
November 2011
Contemporary Romance Anthology

Lake Tahoe, near the California and Nevada border – Present Day

One cabin…

Three hot stories of couples finding love while stranded together...

Is there something about the isolated cabin that affects couples?

The Thanksgiving Fix – Vicki Lewis Thompson

Beth Tierney is tired of her family nagging her to get married, so she decides to spend the weekend at a rented cabin for peace, solitude…and to make a list of why being single is perfect. Her peace is interrupted when Mac McFarland, the handyman in charge of the cabin, drops by to fix a leak. Mac has his own issues with his family's matchmaking shenanigans, so “single and proud of it” Beth appears to be his perfect candidate for a no strings affair. But the more they enjoy the sex, the harder it becomes to not feel more than a fleeting attraction for the other.

I just love a story featuring a handyman (there's something about a man and his tool belt!) and Mac is certainly one sexy man in The Thanksgiving Fix . Like Mac, Beth has grown tired of her matchmaking family and she is determined to prove to them that a woman can be happy without a man attached to her side. But the entrance of Mac into her life suddenly has her rethinking her future plans.

Vicki Lewis Thompson writes a sexy hot tale that's a perfect start to HOLIDAY HIDEOUT.

The Christmas Set-Up – Jill Shalvis

Zoe Anders and Jason Monroe are competing associate architects going head to head on a project that promises a promotion to the winner. When Zoe's memory stick with the project specs on it disappears, the first person she suspects is Jason. But it's Christmas Eve and Jason has already left for a remote cabin. This doesn't stop Zoe, who shows up unannounced—and finds Jason very wet and naked in the bathtub, and in pain from a re-aggravated injury. Before Zoe and Jason realize what's happening, they're doing the horizontal (carefully due to his injury) on the bed. Is it the effect of the cabin, or just sudden lust?

Whew, nothing like a naked man to light the fire between a battling couple who needed to loosen up. In The Christmas Set-Up , readers will enjoy a bit of humor mixed in with the hot sex between Zoe and Jason. As they battle over the project, they're soon kissing and finding ways to have sex with each other. Did Jason take Zoe's memory stick—and can they ever see eye to eye on anything, including a future together once they leave the cabin?

Jill Shalvis serves up some sizzling fun for readers in The Christmas Set-Up .

The New Year's Deal – Julie Kenner

Five years ago, Cleo Daire and Josh Goodson were very much in love, but the death of his father and Cleo's plans to attend law school had them separating. But they vowed that five years later they would meet once again in Lake Tahoe on New Year's Eve to see if the spark was still there. Now the time has come, but Josh and Cleo haven't kept in touch and feel the other has moved on. With the help of old friends, Josh arranges for Cleo to meet him for the planned reunion. For Josh, everything seems perfect, but Cleo hasn't told him the real reason she agreed to come. Will the revelation be the beginning—or the end—of their relationship?

Did you ever wonder what happened to the one that got away? That is something Cleo and Josh wondered in The New Year's Deal and now they get a chance to find out. Josh has been working hard keeping his family's mining company in business, while Cleo is now an up-and-coming lawyer with a promotion on the horizon if she can pull off a big case. Will the cabin work its magic and bring them together forever?

A steamy tale of reunion and a chance to turn back time, The New Year's Deal will have readers rooting for Josh and Cleo to make it work out.

Was the cabin responsible for these three couples coming together, or was it just fate? You'll have to decide for yourself in HOLIDAY HIDEOUT. Be sure to pick this up and find out who was naughty and who was nice in HOLIDAY HIDEOUT.

Patti Fischer