ENTHRALLED - Lora Leigh, Alyssa Day, Meljean Brook, Lucy Monroe
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-25331-1
July 2013
Paranormal Romance Anthology

The Devil's Due - Lora Leigh

A Novel of the Breeds , Book 28
Reever Ranch

Until she'd been rushed to the hospital with an unexplained fever, Katie O'Sullivan had no idea that she was a Breed.  Now not only are the paparazzi stalking her, the European Breed Council is demanding that she enter one of their testing facilities—something Katie has no intention of doing.  When someone starts shooting her home during a meeting with several Pack leaders from Europe and America, Katie is pulled out of danger and into a waiting car.  She thought it was a rescue, but when she recognizes Devil Black, she assumes she's been marked for death.  So why is her body responding to the man who will kill her?

Devil Black has done his best to avoid Katie since he and the Breed Protection Network rescued her and brought her to the Reever Ranch.  But when she confronts him about it, the desire blazes out of control, and Devil understands that the mating heat is real.  The man that many believed doesn't have a heart has found his mate, and now he has to protect her from the danger stalking her.

Learning that she's a Breed has thrown Katie O'Sullivan's life into turmoil, but in The Devil's Due , she'll find a passion she'd never believed she'd feel, with the most unlikely man.  Fans of the Breeds series will enjoy a chance to catch up with other characters as well as see Devil find his match, but those unfamiliar with the series may not grasp just what a miracle this is.  Either way, the chemistry between Katie and Devil will captivate you.

The Curse of the Black Swan - Alyssa Day

League of the Black Swan , Book 2

Sean O'Malley, a half fire-demon, saved a baby from burning and in his escape from a reporter, finds himself at Black Swan Fountain.  When he sees the black swan circling the fountain turn into beautiful, naked, woman, Sean can't help but wonder if that piece of burning building hit his head harder than he thought.  After she dresses, Sean asks her to stay and talk, and learns that her name is Brynn Carroll, and she's the latest in a long line of black swans, cursed by the moon.  Something about this mysterious woman calls to the loner in him, and Sean can't help but seek her out.  But with an arsonist on the loose using magic to create his fires, Sean has his hands full already.

Both Sean and Brynn have decided love and family is not for them, but in The Curse of the Black Swan , they find out fate has other plans.  Fire demons are the most feared demons living in Bordertown, misunderstood as monsters with no control.  He has no intention of passing that legacy on to any children.  For a thousand years, the daughters in Brynn's ancestry have served the moon; every third night they become the swan and spend the night singing to the moon.  Her own mother hadn't wanted her or to pass down the curse, and Brynn is determined to be successful in that aim.  Yet, the more time she spends with Sean, the harder he is to resist.

Salvage - Meljean Brook

A Tale of the Iron Seas


Georgiana is surprised to find her husband Thomas shot and bleeding on the beach by her home, but she drags him into the house so he can heal.  The only thing she'd ever wanted from marriage was a husband who came home to her every night, but in the four years since they married, Thom has spent only two and a half nights with her.  When he starts to recover from the fever, Georgie decides they'll make their separation official, but before they can head into town, the pirates who shot him, stole his gold and his ship, arrive and take them both captive.  If Georgie and Thom are to get out of this alive, they'll have to work together, and as they do, they'll learn things about each other that might save not only their lives, but their marriage as well.

A marriage that has been spent largely apart gets help from an unexpected source in Salvage .  Georgiana and Thomas met when he worked for her father on his whaling boats, and after a three year courtship, they married.  A misunderstanding, as well as her father's advice, has kept them apart for the last four years, and with rumors swirling about Thom's involvement with Ivy Blackstone, Georgie is ready to move on.  Their capture has them spending time together, showing Georgie that they may have something worth fighting for after all.

Ecstasy Under the Moon - Lucy Monroe

Children of the Moon
Highlands of Scotland - 1144 AD

For years, the Faol, or wolf shifters, have lived believing the Éan to be little more than myth, but now that they know the Éan—bird shifters—are real, many want the Faol and Éan Crechte to come together.  Six wolves from the Balmoral, Sinclair, and Donegal clans will live in the forest with the Éan to show the birds that the wolves are not a threat to them.  Una, however, doesn't believe it for a minute.  Five years earlier she was attacked by members of the Donegal clan, and since then she can barely stand to be around adults other than her parents.  How can her Prince expect her, or any of those injured during her rescue, to welcome the wolves?  Yet, the first time she sees Bryant of the Balmoral clan, something draws her to him.  And when she meets him on the Crechte spiritual plane, she feels none of the fear or revulsion she normally does around others.  How is it possible that this wolf makes her feel safe?

In Ecstasy Under the Moon , a woman scarred by the past finds safety and love with someone she'd never imagined she could trust.  Bryant believes that only by joining together can the Faol and Éan survive, and realizing that the eagle who is charming in his dreams yet shy and fearful in person is his sacred mate, he sees the possibility of a bridge between their people. 

As each of the stories in ENTHRALLED is part of a series by their respective authors, it may be helpful to be familiar with each series beforehand.  Even if you are new to any of these books, they are all intriguing novellas that will give readers insight into the unique and often dangerous worlds these characters live in.  Unexpectedly, each of the couples finds love in the most surprising of places, in the fascinating ENTHRALLED.

Jennifer Bishop