CUPID CATS – Katie McAlister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Connie Brockway
Signet Eclipse
ISBN: 978-0-451-23072-0
July 2010
Paranormal Romance Anthology

Present Day

Unleashed – Katie McAlister

Seattle, Washington

An officer with the Fish and Wildlife agency, Jacintha feels more comfortable dealing with big cats than she does her boss. In fact, she's jokingly called a kitty whisperer for the way she deftly handles felines.  When she's called about a wild cat at Cupid Cats Shelter, Jacintha's ready for action. Imagine her surprise when the jaguar starts telecommunicating with her. Then he shifts into his human form… Oh. My .

Avery is a vampire who was changed into a wild animal by a sinister group that didn't know whom they were dealing with in their operation to turn humans into wild animals and export them out of the country. Avery, due to his Moravian abilities, can undo the magic, but he's on a mission to stop the bad guys. He's attracted to Jacintha; besides there is that something special between them that Avery says is because she's his destined beloved. Will they defeat the evil persons responsible and find true love and happiness?

Katie McAlister's funny prose highlights Unleashed and provides for a laugh out loud tale. While it might be short on pages, the chemistry between Jacintha and Avery makes for some intense and humorous reading.

Cat Scratch Fever – Connie Brockway

Chicago, Illinois

Widower Jim Curran is indulgent with his five-year-old daughter Chloe and takes her to Cupid Cats Shelter just down the street from their house to obtain a kitten for her. Chloe falls in love with an older cat, while Jim is shocked to learn that the place is run by a coworker, Dr. Edith Handelman. Edith is known to be brainy and forthright, which has given her a reputation and a reason to avoid her. But Jim is intrigued by her, especially when his daughter becomes friends with her.

Growing up smart and graduating earlier than most of her peers, Edith feels uncomfortable socializing, so she involves herself in rescuing cats in her spare time from work. Chloe attaches herself to the cat, Ishy, and starts calling her Pixie, after a cat that belonged to Jim and his late wife. Edith tries to intercede, as Ishy is clearly on her last legs and wouldn't be a perfect fit for the little girl. But Chloe is persistent about seeing the cat, which means Jim and Edith have more interaction. Soon they are more than coworkers—or friends—but will Edith's insecurities come between them?

An emotion packed story from the first page, readers will fall in love with Jim, Edith, Chloe and Ishy/Pixie. Is there some connection between Ishy and Pixie? Can Edith give into her feelings for Jim and find happiness in Cat Scratch Fever ? Connie Brockway's fascinating tale is the longest of the three in this anthology, so it's a bit more in-depth.

A Cat's Game – Vicki Lewis Thompson

Bisbee, Arizona

The daughter of a prominent actor, Kate Archer knows what it's like to be under public scrutiny and doesn't care for it. She once dated Jon Ramsey, but that relationship fell apart due to the paparazzi. He's now a famous actor and is headed to Bisbee for some rest and relaxation at Kate's sister's Bed and Breakfast. But with her sister gone, it's Kate who's watching things. She figures if she can avoid Jon, things won't get too sticky between them. Then she does two things: adopts a strange cat from the local Cupid Cats Shelter and catches her first sight of Jon in ten years. Ooh la la…her life is about to change.

Jon never forgot Kate but understands her wariness about the press after the tumultuous breakup of her parents' marriage. While he didn't come to Arizona with the idea of bedding Kate, one look at her certainly has him hoping to get lucky. They do hit it off right away, which means they've climbed over one hurdle. But Kate is reluctant to go any further, and it might take one possibly interfering cat to make her change her mind.

Is there some magic in Darwin , the blue-eyed cat Kate adopts from the mysterious Cupid Cats owner Esmeralda? A Cat's Game is sexy and funny, which is Vicki Lewis Thompson's trademark writing style. Kate's feelings about the press are understandable, and she has to overcome them before she can even think of any future with Jon. Will they overcome the obstacles for a happily-ever-after?

It's hard to say which of these three was my favorite, because all were good and each is different. A nice mix of paranormal, from a shape shifter to cats who bring together couples, CUPID CATS has something for everyone, including three fabulous authors. I highly recommend picking up this one for some pure reading enjoyment.

Patti Fischer