CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS - Leigh Greenwood, Rosanne Bittner, Linda Broday, Margaret Brownley, Anna Schmidt, Amy Sandas
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN:  1492656771
October 2017
Historical Anthology Romance

Various locations - late 1880's

FATHER CHRISTMAS - Leigh Greenwood

Joe Ryan is running from a posse determined to put him back in jail for something he did not do.  So, if he's to be blamed for a robbery, he's going to find the gold his partner took, then be on his way to California where he can disappear.  But instead of gold, he finds Pete Wilson's widow, Mary, heavy with child.  Pete's ranch is a broken down mess, and Mary is struggling to care for her step-daughter, Sarah, while fending off a potential suitor who wants her ranch.  As Joe takes over the responsibilities of the ranch, he becomes Mary's protector as their relationship develops into a heartwarming romance.


Former U.S. Marshall Jake Harkner can be ruthless when the situation warrants, especially when someone threatens his family.  So, when young troublemaker Tommy Tyler challenges Jake on his own ranch, it's all that Jack can do not to kill him.  Instead, after being pushed to his limit, Jake pistol-whips the boy and sends him on his way, only to run into the scamp a few days later in town.  Then, to his family's' great surprise, Jake totally changes tactics and gives the boy a second chance to work on his ranch, as long as he minds his P's and Q's.  This warm holiday tale is a story of forgiveness and new beginnings.


When drifter Hank Destry passes out and falls from his horse in a blizzard, his luck changes when Sidalee King finds him and takes him to her cabin on the Legend ranch.  Sidalee has lost her entire family, but she cares for others who need help, and this stranger is no different.  Not thinking of the danger posed her by taking a man into her home, she puts him to bed in her room and calls for the doctor.  Fresh out of prison, Hank just wants to get well and go on his way but, as his wounds heal, the kindness of the people on the Legend ranch has Hank rethinking his plans, while he and Sidalee begin to care more and more for each other.


When she was ten years old, Sadie Carnes lost her Texas Ranger father to the line of duty, and now she has a six month old son who needs a father, but when Captain Cole Bradshaw shows up on their ranch to inform her that her husband, Richard, is dead, Sadie is devastated.  Cole just wants to do his duty and get on his way, but after a bullet lays him low, he comes to get to know Sadie while she cares for him, and he's determined to help her around the ranch, so he stays on to help.  Cole won't leave the Rangers, and Sadie won't love a lawman only to lose him.  Can these two find a way to be together?


When Louisa Johnson ran away and married Rico Mendez, her father refused to speak to her, even though she and Rico are expecting a child.  Her prejudiced family has disowner her.  Her father has made it clear he wants nothing more to do with her unless she leaves Rico and goes home, and her mother supports his decision.  Can Louisa and Rico make a new start and a happy life together?


When Dr. Warren Reed is taken prisoner and forced to ride into the wilderness at gunpoint, he doesn't expect to end up face to face with Honey Prentice, the woman who tore his heart out years ago and left him alone.  Now she expects him to patch up her brother's wounds and keep his mouth shut.  This woman stomped all over his heart seven years ago, and now she has the nerve to think Warren owes her a favor?  As for Honey, she believes that Warren left her because she didn't measure up to his standards.  Can these two lovers find their way back to each other?

In this collection of six beautiful stories, CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS is just the right antidote to those cold, snowy, or rainy days of winter.

Diana Risso