CHERISHED - Maya Banks and Lauren Dane
Berkley Heat
ISBN: 978-0-425-24753-2
August 2012
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Exiled - Maya Banks

The Caribbean - Present Day

Four years ago, Talia Montforte's mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Talia decided against college in order to work to pay for her mother's treatments.  When the prince of her island country offered to pay her mother's medical bills and her own education, Talia accepted the deal, knowing that at one point Prince Alexander “Xander” Carrera would summon her.  That time has finally come, and Talia is shocked by the instructions she receives with the summons.  But this is only the beginning of the surprises in store for Talia.

Xander has waited patiently for Talia to be mature enough for the relationship he wants from her, and now he'll finally have her where he wants her—in his arms and in his bed. He's aware that the virginal Talia will be stunned by his expectations, but Xander has every intention of making sure that she finds pleasure beyond belief.

After his father's assassination, Xander and his three most trusted friends/security team were Exiled to an island in the Caribbean, and now he's about to make the most of the situation.  He has wanted Talia since the first time he met her, but she was too young then, so he did what he could to take care of her, knowing that one day he'd be able to claim what he already feels is his.  Talia is uncertain about her place with Xander, but so grateful for all he's done for her that she's willing to repay him however he wants.  Yet it's more than just gratitude she feels for him, and it's not long before there's something much stronger between them in this tantalizing erotic tale.

Sway - Lauren Dane

Bainbridge Island, Washington - Present Day

At a dance lesson he doesn't want to attend, Levi Warner is captivated by the young woman who partners him, but learns little more than that her name is Daisy before leaving.  When he runs into her again, the desire is even stronger than before, and at their third accidental meeting, he asks her to dinner.  At twenty-four, Daisy is sixteen years younger than Levi, and a free-spirited, tattooed artist to boot—someone far removed from the type he is usually drawn to.

Not only does Levi make her shiver, but he stirs desires in Daisy that she's never felt before.  Their red-hot passion is only the tip of the iceberg in their relationship, and both find so much more to each other than the sizzling attraction.  As they explore a wilder side that Daisy had never experimented with and Levi has ignored, Levi and Daisy find they have more in common then they'd expected.

A seemingly mismatched couple finds a startling passion and an unexpected love in Sway .  Fans of Ms. Dane may recognize some of the secondary characters—members of the Brown family—with whom Daisy is good friends, and it's always enjoyable to see favorite characters.  This is also the beginning of a new series , Delicious , featuring the friends of Gillian from NEVER ENOUGH.  The friends, Daisy, Jules, Mary, Cal, and Gillian, are a great support group for one another, and the stories of the other friends will be released later this year.

As much as these people play a part in Daisy's life, the story belongs to her and Levi.  He is an older man, a lawyer with a fairly prominent family; she is a chronologically young artist, but older than her years, with an eclectic group of friends and part-time jobs that she hangs onto more out of friendship than financial need.  Yet, in spite of their differences, they find some shared ground, and not only in the bedroom.

Two exceptionally hot stories make up the anthology CHERISHED, and neither will disappoint.

Jennifer Bishop