CAUGHT IN THE ACT:  A JEWEL HEIST ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY - Ainslie Paton, Emma Sinclair, Michelle Dayton
Carina Press
July 2017
Mystery with Romantic Elements and some Erotica


Jewel thief Aria Harp is a master in disguise and false identities, having learned the craft at the knee of her professor father, who made his fortune dealing in stolen antiquities while teaching Ancient History at a prestigious Ivy League college.  Aria is after the Sweet Celestia diamond, worth millions, and she plans to steal it right under the noses of everyone.  Cleve Jones, known to Interpol as the Shadow, is also planning to steal the Sweet Celestia.  Trained by the best, his mentor, Professor Donald Harp, gave Cleve the greatest legacy of all:  knowledge.  Cleve also wanted his daughter, Aria, but the minx disappeared years ago, right after Cleve broke her heart.

Two master thieves are both after the same target; who will win?  A top notch mystery and romance, HOODWINKED HEARTS is a great book!

ROUGH EDGES - Emma Sinclair

The Staffordshire diamond, sixty carats of priceless stone, is Anastasia Staffordshire's legacy and should be hers to wear and pass down as a family keepsake, not sold to the highest bidder.  But that is exactly what her cousin Leonard plans to do.  Anastasia plans to steal the diamond first and replace it with a fake.  Her only problem is Jake Hoffman, friend of the family and head of Staffordshire Security.  Ana knows that Jake will be watching her every move; can she elude him long enough to snag the diamond?

Ana and Jake are both after the Staffordshire heirloom, but a night of passion gets in the way of their heist.  A note to readers:  This book is filled with graphic situations.  There is very little romance or mystery here, but rather, the pages are a vehicle for a story filled with kinky sex toys and erotica.

STRANGE TANGO - Michelle Dayton

Adam Patrick Henry is going to steal the very diamonds that crime boss Maurice Knoll is smuggling.  But Adam can't do it alone; he needs a partner.  Enter Jessica Hughes, data analyst who was recently fired from the university for misconduct, but never charged for the crime.  Adam wants the diamonds; Jessica wants revenge. Adam blackmails Jessica into helping him.  What follows is a developing romance along with mystery and intrigue.

CAUGHT IN THE ACT:  A JEWEL HEIST ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY is a collection of three short stories all in one e-book!  And, like a roller coaster, these short novels are a romantic ride that reaches from light-hearted highs, to the down and dirty, then back up to the anticipation of new love.  Each of these stories is available for purchase separately.

Diana Risso