BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE – Jodi Thomas, Linda Broday, Phyliss Miranda, DeWanna Pace
Kensington Zebra
ISBN: 978-1-4201-1967-1
January 2012
Western Historical Romance Anthology

It's the days before Valentine's Day in Texas and time for love in these four romantic yet different stories from four popular authors.

The Valentine's Curse – Jodi Thomas
East Texas , February 1867

This tale tells the sweet story of two loners who find in each other more than they had ever hoped for. Brody Monroe is a Yank who found himself betrayed and stranded after the War Between the States. His fellow ranch hands, Southerners all, have hardly welcomed him into their midst. After losing two husbands, the Widow Allen is said to be cursed; men dare not go near her.

Another winner by the talented Ms. Thomas.

Cupid's Arrow – Linda Broday
Shiloh, Texas , January 1884

Two lovers are separated for three years through secrets and lies. Now Rue Ann is back in town and engaged to her controlling father's protégé. A pair of elderly lady cupids attempt to prevent this mismatch and promote one with Logan, who would like nothing better than to punch out the potential groom.

An amusing and romantic tale.

Loving Miss Laurel – Phyliss Miranda
The Texas Panhandle, February 1881

After being orphaned, Laurel Dean's uncle and guardian sent her to New York for school, but now she's back and put in the middle of a town dispute. Her uncle's on one side and the woman who once took the sad orphan under her wing is on the other. Laurel Dean tries to stay neutral, while her friend's son, who beat out her uncle for town mayor, is on her uncle's side…politics and strange bedfellows and all that.

Longer than the other novellas, Loving Miss Laurel nicely fits into the category of romantic suspense.

Sweet Talk – DeWanna Pace
The Texas Panhandle 1888

With a Valentine ball coming up, the eyes of the ladies of Longhorn City focus on the town's most eligible bachelor, Doctor Noah Powell. Odds are on the town beauty, Angelina Brown. Then there is the other Brown sister, JoEmma. Her heart has long belonged to Noah, but that heart, weakened from scarlet fever, keeps her pinned to a wheelchair. JoEmma keeps busy with small chores and caring for her lovebird, Gabby.

Dr. Noah is too busy caring for his patients to have a private life. His only companion is his lovebird, Amigo.

Between lovebirds and a wily housekeeper, Sweet Talk gives us a lovely, heart warming finish to the anthology.

Though united by the Valentine theme, the stories in BE MY TEXAS VALENTINE are timeless and can be enjoyed any time you want to have your spirits lifted.

Jane Bowers